Vehicle tax

Hi I was wondering if I can tax my car with a direct debit on my Monzo account. I’ve looked through some of the chats here and I’ve seen that people wrote they had a vehicle tax on their Monzo account.

I wanted to tax my new car using the Monzo account but the lady on the post office told me that DVLA won’t accept this bank…

Please I need an answer asap

Have you tried to set it up?

I pay mine with a direct debit with Monzo but I didn’t set it up with them.

I didn’t try I was on the post office as the car was new and I couldn’t tax it online because the new keepers slip number was invalid. Taxed it on somebody else’s account but that was only temporary and now need to put it on mine.
Didn’t think to try because lady on post office told me DVLA won’t accept this bank … although what gets me thinking she didn’t even look on the card just seen the orange card not the bank name or anything …

Hi there, I pay my vehicle tax by direct debit on my Monzo account. I set it up online. Maybe skip the Post Office bit and go direct to the DVLA website.

The lady is misinformed. I have both my vehicles taxed through a direct debit with Monzo and my partner has hers too.

I’d avoid the post office and just go direct to the DVLA and do it on their website. Its far easier than messing around with them forms and potentially getting told more wrong information that wastes your time.

Hi Diana & welcome :wave:

I have 2 cars setup with DVLA directly to take payment from my Monzo account on a monthly D/D basis (set-up to take it directly, rather than a CASS scenario) - no issues.

The lady at your Post Office was sadly wrong. Monzo is a fully-fledged bank with sort code, account number and everything.

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