won’t allow Monzo direct debit


Their systems won’t recognise Monzo for direct debit payments very annoying that they can’t update their systems

(Hugh Wells) #2

Hi @Investor_No1

Really sorry to hear this - I’ll add it to the list tomorrow for you.


I was able to use my Monzo vard with them, but for some reason it did this:

(Colin Robinson) #4

That’s to be expected I think, they put a hold on the money on the 13th and then released it yesterday, it was then subsequently taken as a delayed payment as shown.


I understand that, the problem is that it messes up the transactions.
Would be good if monzo allowed to clear them.


Hi there, is that a direct debit or just a payment as it’s only the direct debit setup with that’s Not recognised, making individual payments works fine, but don’t want to keep having to remember to pay them when a direct debit would do it for me.

(Allie) #7

I’m confused at what this site is? Best I can see its equivalent to the American site Fingerhut which is basically an overpriced online shopping site that sells on (extremely expensive) credit to people who can’t qualify for credit cards. Is this the same basic concept?

(Lawrence Ferguson) #8

“hi guys I’m having trouble with a payment…”

“That’s a site for poor people”

Great feedback.

(Allie) #9

That wasn’t my intent at all, I’m just curious what the site is. I’ve seen it come up a lot and was wondering if that’s what it was (a starter credit).

Also I think it’s wrong to assume all ‘starter’ credit is poor people. A lot of well off people have extremely thin files due to not having needed credit for whatever reason or due to moving around (credit history doesn’t follow you, except for American Express, unless you’re very rich - HSBC and a few others let it follow you if you have their personal banking).

I have an Aqua card because when I moved back here all I could get was American Express (which will use your foreign history) and Aqua. In fact it’s hilarious to me that I have over £10k in Amex UK limits but even after several years back here, I’m ‘not eligible’ to Virgin Money! Thus I’d very easily have fit in the category of ‘can’t get a credit card’ - it says nothing about poverty at all to say someone can’t get a credit card. The reasons for ineligibility are vast, and can be any number of things.

Also, I was more getting at the fact while it’s offering starter credit… Very seems to be trying to build a brand in its own right as well, something other starter credit shopping sites like Fingerhut don’t have.

(Adrian Hardy) #10

They are part of the same company as Littlewoods who before the internet were a mail-order catalogue store.

I wouldn’t say they’re specifically trying to offer starter credit (like brighthouse), they’re more of a generic e-commerce site - who are very( keen to get you on a payment plan with 39.9% APR interest.

(Allie) #11

Thank you, that clarifies that :slight_smile: They are indeed VERY (pun intended, also) keen to push their starter credit-type payment plans… I suppose it makes sense when you think about it, given there’s more margin in the payment plan than in the sale itself!

Speaking of starter credit, my Aqua card currently has a £3950 credit limit and this summer they told me they were raising my APR. I don’t recall what it is, but it’s in the 40-something percent range now. Even when the card was new it was around 35%. I pay in full monthly, and rarely use it anymore, so I don’t care. But can you imagine how profitable someone who maxed it out and didn’t pay in full would be? There’s money in the starter credit market, for sure…

(Lawrence Ferguson) #12

I’m only playing.

I use them sometimes. Sometimes they give me a 20% off so I’ll buy a new phone etc. I’m sure they’re losing money through me :slight_smile:

(Allie) #13

But I’m sure with 30% APR payment plans they’re making money on somebody, which is better than Amazon does lol!

(Jonathon) #14

Tried to set up my direct debit with them today and told:


So seems that it still isn’t sorted out.

(Caspar Aremi) #15

That sounds like code for ‘We’ve not updated our sort code database in the past year’.

(Jonathon) #16

According to their social media team it should be OK - I followed the link to their chat and still got that message.

Been told to try again… so back on live chat.

(Jonathon) #17

This is amusing:



So fingers crossed I guess…


From a consumer point of view I think these sorts of situations are totally unacceptable and the onus should not be on the customer to pay via alternative means.

Say for example you can’t set up a DD because Very haven’t updated their systems AND also insist on 3D secure for card payments… what if Monzo is your only bank? Where do you go from there?

(Simmy) #19

This is why I have a barclays current account set-up too incase anything like this happens.

Is " Very " the only site which doesn’t work with Monzo ?

(Alex Sherwood) #20

No, the others are listed here -