Card number does not match card type

Hey guys.

My partner has been trying to pay our employer’s NI today to HMRC, but no option selected from the card type is working. We’ve tried Mastercard Debit, Mastercard Business, anything with Mastercard in it and all options are throwing an error. I don’t know if it’s an HMRC or Monzo thing.

Unable to pay the NI tax bill at the moment because of it.

Any ideas?

People have reported the issue previously but from the end of that thread it seemed to be working :thinking:

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Hmmm interesting. I’ve tried both business cards, mine and my wife’s. Neither are working for all the options we’ve selected. Getting a little worried now.

I might call HMRC and see if I can make the payment over the phone for now.

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Definitely let support know too.

If you put the first six digits of the card you’re trying to use in here what does it say?

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BIN 535199
Type debit
Country United States
Country Code US
Latitude 37.09024
Longitude -95.712891
Currency USD (United States dollar)

Probably why you’re having the issue… HMRC might be using an outdated bin list and is seeing your card as American…

They seem to have gotten a load of formerly US bin codes for the premium and virtual cards.

Can you not pay by bank transfer that’s how I pay all my payments to HMRC I have done for years

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But if my card is registered as a US card, then that’s not HMRC’s fault, is it?

I just spoke to my wife, she has used that option now. Thanks.

It is HMRC’s fault if they’re still using the old record for the BIN, as seems likely.

Think of it as equivalent to a polling station still using an electoral roll from a previous year, so they think Joe Bloggs still lives at number 2 Account Avenue when they moved out long ago and Monzo Monzo has moved in (and is very cross that the roll hasn’t been updated even though they filled out their registration details promptly).

Using that BIN checker shows Monzo premium as US cards.

Indeed, as I noted above:

They seem to have gotten a load of formerly US bin codes for the premium and virtual cards.