Gov Car Tax won't accept Monzo?

Hi Support,

I just attempted to pay my yearly car tax on the page and was met with the following:

Could you please investigate?



Just realised that perhaps I should have selected Mastercard Debit?



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It’s Monday morning, you’re forgiven :sweat_smile:

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Same website worked fine for me two weeks ago with my Monzo. As you’ve worked out yourself, probably the Debit bit needed

This has to be one of the most infuriating pieces of bad UX I encounter online. I can’t see any reason why the form needs a human to tell it what card type a given number is (in fact, it already has the logic to determine it’s not the one you selected!!).


I had this problem yesterday and thought the same thing

Surely if it knows it is the wrong type - it can figure out the right type and there is no need for a human to input


You’d have thought so, although I’m a Product Manager so I’m legally obliged to not tell developers what is easy and what is hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks like you have solved the issue with the card type drop-down, well done. Unfortunately, that is not the issue with Halifax Sharedealing. Currently they have a policy not to recognise Monzo! I know this because I have an upheld Complaint with them!

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Please feel free to leave feedback using that link at the top of your screenshot. We’ve found that are fairly good at taking this kind of UX feedback onboard. :slightly_smiling_face:


I suspect they previously charged an admin fee on credit cards and that dropdown box had (+£1.50) in it as a way of communicating that in advance. That’s normally when you saw this design.



Leaving aside any other feelings about the UK Government, I have found myself very impressed by the quality and consistency of their internet offerings over the last few years


Have to say I think the gov websites are some of the best out there and their standards are something I frequently refer to it’s well worth a read

Taken quite a few learnings from agile delivery, design and measuring success

Recommend their blogs too!


ahhh, that is a very good explanation.

My favourite is when a form asks for your phone number, so you (by force of habit) type “[area code] [space] [rest of number]” and the form barfs and says “Awfully sorry, could you type it again without spaces?”

Really, you can’t simply concatenate the input yourself? What kind of cretin designed you, form?!


Or the form demands an international format and yet still insists on a leading 0 :man_shrugging:


Yes! The GDS is amazing!