HMRC not accepting Business account card

I’ve gone full Monzo for my business :heart_eyes:which also means paying various taxes from it.

Last week when paying the PAYE bill (which I do on their website, not via DD), it wouldn’t accept the card. I tried all variations of Mastercard from the card type dropdown, but none were accepted. Luckily I still have a Barclays account which worked just fine.

And today, I got a letter from HMRC saying the sort code & account number I provided have been refused for VAT refunds. I’m willing to bet my Monzo card will be refused again when it’s time to pay the VAT bill in a few weeks.

Is HMRC not accepting Monzo at all a known issue? And if so, if there any word on a fix? I’m not going back to Barclays, but the longer this is an issue, the longer I’ll need 2 banks :pensive:


Most likely its because the business bank account details (card number and bank account in general) are still new so HMRC doesn’t recognise it. Obviously I might be wrong but from what @Rika said in the investor event about how cards are made and the card number significants - just an educated guess. Will be good for someone in Monzo to confirm for you soon though ! :ok_hand:t2::slightly_smiling_face:


That sounds perfectly plausible, and not something I’d considered. I really hope you’re right :slight_smile:

I knew moving to Monzo would involve some issues like this, it’s just the nature of the beast, so it’s all good. I know things like this will get ironed out in time.

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Could you let customer support know? HMRC should support Monzo by sort code and account numbers. Business verses personal accounts should not make a difference here as they’re all on the same sort code.

Business card number acceptance is a different issue and we can chase it up through support. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ll definitely do this. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Also tried to pay HMRC yesterday and wasn’t able to do it. I have let customer support know, still waiting for the person it was escalated to to get back to me.

This is really fundamental for business accounts - everyone is going to have to pay HMRC at some point!


I’ve had problems with business card acceptance over the past 3 days with 3 merchants. On the plus side I saved about 10% on my business insurance as my current provider declined the card and 10 minutes later a broker called :slight_smile: but it’s not great. I’m contacting support in-app each time so the acceptance team can chase them to add the BIN range but it’s frustrating. This is now the only card I have for business spend as I closed my HSBC corporate credit card account when I moved to Monzo.

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Pretty worrying if HMRC of all people aren’t accepting Monzo business cards

A little update on this, 1 month later. HMRC is still not accepting the card when trying to settle a PAYE bill. The error in particular says something along the lines of “The card number does not match the card type.”

I had to pay with my old Barclays account, which just felt dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

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Did you ever get a response?

Email for a direct line.

But maybe also drop HMRC a line that they need to update their systems

Yes I did - though I got bounced around several times being “escalated” and eventually was told it’s to do with HMRC not accepting the business card BIN yet (which is separate from the regular accounts apparently).

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I wondered if it would be that. All those teething problems of card acceptance have to be repeated for the new range I suppose.

Update - I recently paid my corporation tax online and my card was accepted.

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Same here. Since starting the thread, i’ve successfully paid PAYE, VAT, and corporation tax with no issues. :tada:

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