Gov Car Tax won't accept Monzo?

People aren’t being killed or injured because of a colloquialism. They are being killed because of entitled drivers who think the road belongs to them because they own a big metal box on wheels. If not for the tax, they would just argue that they’re in a big powerful car so why don’t cyclists watch out.

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I don’t think anyone was rude, but it’s not offensive to point it out and correct someone.

It’s almost as annoying as when someone says pin number.


Wow. I so wish I’d used the correct term now.


Maybe it’s my age, but I’ve never called it road tax. It’s always been car tax to me.

Anyway, I’ve been paying it for 40 odd years, can anyone let me know how much of the road I own, and how can I find out which bit is mine? I’d like to go and see it some day.


I call it. Stupid tax that I hate paying for which continually rises.

STTIHPFWCR for short.

yours is the mile with all the pot holes in it - pick any one :slight_smile: enjoy the 40 year investment


Agreed. This is the point I was trying to make. Rather than different groups pitching themselves against each other, they should all focus their efforts on road safety.

The charge often referred to as ‘road tax’ has been called many things over the years. Road Fund Licence, Vehicle Excise Licence, Vehicle Excise Duty are the ones I remember. They may not be the correct terms anymore but their meaning is understood by many.

Likewise, the V5C is often referred to by the name ‘log book’, but when’s the last time cars actually had a log book? 1960s? It’s just been a piece of paper for as long as I can remember.