Google Pixel Fold

I’m so disappointed in my Google TV. The UI is great, but I’ve had an issue with it dropping frames / juddering on nearly everything I watch, making it unwatchable. The apps baked into my LG TV work better, which is saying something.

I was so set to get the tablet, but that price… :jack_eyes:


Interesting, I find my Firestick 4k to be very laggy at times

Strangely couldn’t see this deal :thinking:

Will need to take a closer look!

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:jack_eyes: :jack_eyez:

First time I’ve seen new emoji in the wild! :eyes:



It was for the coronation.

Filter by Google.

This HUKD thread has all the details

Use the code ROYAL50 for a further £50 off

If you are already an O2 customer then I believe you can upgrade and get £100 off with a different code


There are some settings like refresh rates etc

I did have to restart it every so often for slowness but I’ve not had to for a while, also if it’s jammed behind a TV mount that could affect cooling and WiFi signal.

My original 4K stick wasn’t great. The new Max stick has been great for me.

With the proviso that I’m never in the main UI. I just jump directly to apps from the remote.


Absolutely the same. I returned the 4K and switched to the 4K max and it was night and day.

On paper I there’s only a small difference but that wasn’t my experience.

Google corrected the £50 difference and refunded the difference… which I admit I hadn’t noticed until I saw your post.

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It does tempt me a little, but i use my 4a as a backup and when I need android for something specific, but £338 after my trade in and £13 Google one credit has me tempted

7a arrived… it’s smaller than the 6 I had… I’d call it a tad larger than the 5, a little heavier but I could get used to it.

Slightly marred by vodafone screwing up the esim transfer again. So I can’t even log into any apps because I can’t receive texts… First time I’m near a vodafone store (which TBH isn’t very often) I’m swapping back to a physical SIM… they seem to be able to handle that…


As a fellow backup 4a owner, I don’t think the trade up is worth it. 4a gives you unlimited Google Photos uploads which is priceless these days

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Unlimited compressed photo storage. Decent perk cut doubtful that it’s priceless.

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I pulled the trigger on the Pixel 7 - now just need to wait on DPD :thinking:


It arrived :tada:


Same day delivery?!


Love love love.

Still tempted by iPhone 14 Pro Max, so my pixel 6 pro may go for sale :rofl: