Samsung Galaxy Fold

So Samsung have finally announced the Galaxy Fold. It looks pretty spectacular.

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I do so struggle to get folding phones.

Maybe I’m entering my grandad phase with tech.

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That looks amazing!

I’m already there. I’ve started holding the phone in my left hand, and single finger dabbing it with the other. :man_facepalming:


I love the concept of folding phones (sometimes a phone screen just isn’t big enough, but I don’t want to carry a tablet or laptop with me at all times). My only real concern is that these phones will be too bulky when folded, which definitely looks to be the case with the Samsung Fold to me from the images in that article.

Either way, I definitely don’t want to jump in on the first generation of folding phones, I’ll let them work out any kinks with them before diving in :smiley:

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I’ve had one of these for years in the cupboard.

Great phone…



Does this mean I’ll be able to aggressively end a phone call again like I did back in the day with my Razr?


Hats off to Samsung on this, especially as a first go.

For me I feel the screen on the front is too small and the one inside is too big. You kind of want something more balanced between the two imo.

I’d love to see it in person though.


You mean… like a normal phone? :joy:

I’m all for innovation, but I’d rather see bendy screens that are super thin.

Bonus points for being the first to come out with this though.


I wish someone would bring out a new phone that’s a similiar size to the iPhone SE :pray:t3:

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Well done to samsung it’s a nice start but it’s very first gen. screen on the front looks silly, like it’s trapped in some glass case with huge blacks bezels. I feel like I’d need to open it to do anything and it’s not practical most of the time. Plus the aspect ratio inside isn’t useful.

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Technically amazing, but the screen is only marginally bigger than the one on my current smartphone. The front screen on the fold is tiny

I really hope folding phones like this don’t become the new ‘thing’ — whilst I appreciate Samsung’s efforts, it looks terrible folded especially given you’re going to be using it in this form 80% of the time. Apparently there’s also a noticeable ‘crease’ in the screen when unfolded (you can see if below if you look carefully).



Yeah I noticed that quite a bit in the keynote especially with darker items in the screen and the stage lights reflecting off it.

As others have said, the screen on the front looks ridiculously small and looks rather silly.

It is definitely ahead of that other folding phone that was demo’d at CES, but not by much.

I don’t get the hype behind having a folding phone to be honest. Maybe the second generation of this phone/tablet will interest me.

I think the concept is awesome and it’s very impressive for a v1 but obviously needs more iteration.

The tougher question to answer is why would you want an Android tablet!

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I am shook! The question is why would you want an Apple tablet! I personally love the Tab S4 over my Ipad. My ipad is only for kitchen netflix, lol

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There’s only one way to find out…



I was just kidding around. I’m Android all the way but I’ve just never been a fan of Android tablets.

The screen when folded, looks horrible. The bezels are massive. If the folded screen was more edge-to-edge it would look more appealing.