Foldable phones!

This was unexpected!

Interesting to hear that it’s not just Samsung but also Huawei and LG who have foldables in the pipeline.

I’m keen…

Just a way to get upgrades, phones that good now people don’t need to upgrade as often?

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I agree we’re pretty much getting to the ‘best rectangular piece of screen’ stage. Once there are under screen fingerprint scanners, cameras, mics and speakers there’s not a whole lot left…

Foldables, though, could open a whole new category - I think that they could be super popular and useful!

Probably very expensive to repair when you accidentally unfold it too far


And far too expensive to buy. 4 figures by the looks of it! :scream:

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Meh ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I mean technology wise it’s pretty cool but I don’t think I’ll be eager to buy one soon - even if it was half the price.

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I would prefer a normal sized phone that folds to half the amount to make it smaller.

I’ve no need for this kind of phone. Actually I think it looks ugly.

I miss the flip phones of the naughties, especially my Sony Ericsson z800i.

This tech could bring them back into fashion!

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Will be interesting to see where this goes over the next decade. It’s a fair old wedge of a phone right now, and probably a bit rubbish, but everything is at the beginning.

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See, when I think of a foldable screen in a phone, I would expect the main screen to be on the inside of the device meaning it’s more protected from scratches, etc. Having all screen on the outside is weird.

Notifications on the spine looks pretty cool though, albeit a bit like Samsung’s edgy phones.

Will be interesting to see if it takes off, I’m amazed they have come up with the idea, a screen that bends I mean what’s next.