Google Pixel Fold

It’s official!

Anyone else picking it up?


oof those bezels

For comparison Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Honor Magic V

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If I was thinking of switching to Android this would be the device to get me to do it. But sadly I’m not. Curious what the price will be.


Really? I’m still not sold on the whole fold gimmick, personally. Feels very much like a solution in search of a problem IMO. And at the expense of durability too.


I just like the idea of a massive screen in my pocket

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… must… resist…


There’s definitely a place for it, I know somebody with a Fold 3 and he’s stopped using his Kindle and iPad because his phone can do it all.


And from a company not known for build quality.



With regards to a folding phone I still want them thinner and the crease to not be as noticeable.

I’m sure you get used to it but any I’ve seen I’ve noticed the crease immediately, and I wouldn’t want that.


I’m envious of the people who say they don’t notice the fold. I ended up getting a Flip 3 a while ago because it was crazy cheap (had the 4 briefly but it was faulty so went back, but I still really wanted a foldable) and the crease is still very noticeable.

The rumour for this year’s Fold/Flip series is that they’ll use a waterfall design to make it far less noticeable (and allow them to fold flat instead of a wedge shape), but we’ll see.

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I genuinely haven’t followed Google since the Nexus 4/5 days but those devices were the dog’s bollocks


Hows it not known for its build quality? :rofl:

I wouldn’t say Google and Samsung build quality isn’t any less or any more than Apple when it comes to making phones.


With the proviso that we’re still very much in the early days of folding phones and the form factor has a long way to go, surely it’s not hard to see the use case of having a small(er) devices which also has a much bigger screen for when you need it?

It may or may not suit your needs, but the value feels pretty evident for those that do, at least to me.

VR headsets on the other hand?!!!

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I guess our little love affair is over. :frowning:

Maybe? But the phones which exist today are not that. I’m not sure I’ve ever found myself needing a bigger screen on my phone though. I actually wish they’d go the other way!

People like their beat sabre! I’m not into the whole VR thing either. AR is where the puck is going and that’s what I’m excited about. Google never should have canned glass.


I broke my Pixel 5 this week - it’s a potential sign from the Google gods…


If you think they’re on a par, then nothing I can say will convince you otherwise, but they’re miles apart.


A sign that you need a more durable phone!

One that will last you 42 months longer without needing to baby it.

One like this:

Make the right decision this time, Alan. :wink:


Perceived as miles apart by yourself and iPhone only users.

Google to my knowledge is not known for its bad build quality of its phones


I saw someone reply to Google on Twitter about the bezels and Google replied thinking they were excited about the phone and completely didn’t realise the person replying was laughing at the size of the bezels

The Samsung Z Fold 4 is definitely the better looking phone, the Google Fold reminds me of the old LCD TVs


I’m willing to forego the slightly larger bezels because stock Android (to me) is still a more elegant experience than any of the skinned versions - Samsung have come a long way in this regard but there’s still some extraneous stuff, changes in the UX that I find confusing, and it’s not as nice to me aesthetically compared to Material Design.

As someone that duel-wields (currently Pixel 6 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max) I still find myself reaching for the Pixel more often than the iPhone despite being an older phone.