Google Pay - £30 limit

Switched from iPhone to Android.
Previously used my iPhone to pay for my shopping which usually comes to about £40.

Is it still the case that certain shops accept over £30 via google pay ?

More do than don’t now, and they’ll be mandated to soon I think

There’s another thread on here than lists the offenders - Tesco is a major holdout


With my iPhone all I had to do was hold it to the paypoint and scan my finger, even with the screen off.

With my Huawei the screen has to be on for it to connect with the NFC

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Maybe an Android vs iOS difference

With my Moto G6 Plus I do not need to open the Google Pay app, but I do need to have it unlocked

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Here we go, found it:

If you unlock the device, the rules about over £30 contactless transactions is the same in Google Pay as it is with Apple Pay. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the most part, this should now be supported everywhere contactless is (with a few notable exceptions).

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I am curious is High Value Contactless as Mastercard standard that all merchants have to implement and some just missed deadline X?

Also if I want to nerd out about Mastercard stuff is all their documentation released publically :slight_smile: ?

There is no requirement to accept contactless over £30 in the Mastercard rules. In fact not all terminals can accept higher value payments. Although that is expected to change in 2020 when new rules come into force.

Mastercard release most things publicly, however they do not release everything to the public, so its probably about 90% public.

Best place to start is the Mastercard Handbook covers 99% of all eventualities

However there are specific rules relating to Europe in the Mastercard rules, the FCA also have some rules, PAY UK also publish some information…


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