Tesco and GooglePay Limits

Just been to Tesco, and have always used Google Pay (linked to Monzo) to pay for transactions at the till over the £30 contactless limit until today when i tried Google Pay for £31.25 the physical card machine told me it was over the contactless limit, when queried in store I got the look whats Google Pay

I wonder if the same can be said for apple pay? But it seems a strange move by Tesco, as i from what i have heard tescopay+ has been a complete flop, so are they taking out on the compettion.

Has anyone else had this ?

There’s no limit for either as far as I’m aware.(there’s none for apple) but limits may be imposed by retailers, it also may depend on the machine.

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I think supermarkets do it as they think they’re simplifying things… asda has notices saying contactless £30 limit stuck to all their tills and having to distinguish between mobile contactless and normal contacless would just confuse things I guess.

Yeah, I had this recently too.

It was to do with Apple Pay for me. Apparently it’s because Tesco are bringing out/have brought out their own mobile payment tool to rival Apple Pay and presumably Google Pay too.

Therefore, they’re currently limiting all payments through Apple and Google to £30.

It’s a complete pain in the ass tbh!

Hello :wave:t2:, I’m a Customer Assistant at Tesco.

As far as I’m aware, currently, the Ingenico readers in stores do not distinguish between Google Pay/Apple Pay and Contactless (hence the £30 limit).

I know that certain stores are trialling out Google Pay/Apple Pay.

One of the operations managers has said:

We are currently trialling high-value Apple Pay. if successful this will be rolled out in future patch updates with a POS package to inform customers.


This is the only reason I keep my physical card in my car. I guess I could switch to Tesco pay+ for high value mobile payments but I haven’t as of yet.

This is untrue.

If you look at a receipt when Apple Pay is used, it says ‘Cardholder device authenticated’ (or something similar), so it definitely supports CDCVM - as do all Ingenico readers, they’re the most common reader in the UK.

Tesco deliberately limit all contactless/mobile payments to £30, presumably to try and drum up usage of their pointless ‘Pay+’ app.



Morrisons and Sainsbury’s manage it without issue… I’ll take a picture when I’m next in Morrisons.

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I had a GooglePay fail at West Midlands Safari Park.

Luckily I too carry the physical card, however, defeats the whole object of a mobile wallet really.

Not confident enough in mobile wallets yet to leave home without at least one physical bank card.

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Lidl too. I used Google Pay yesterday for £50 in Lidl and £105 in Morrisons. The Morrisons terminal even popped up a message saying unlimited transaction value for Google and Apple payments. I also used Google pay for £180 for my motorbike servicing at BMW.

I purposefully only use Lidl, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons as it’s just easier.

It’s frustrating that Asda and Tesco are advanced enough to let you scan as you shop, but not use phone payments over £30

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You must be right, because when I was with NatWest, my physical card was not Contactless and I could only use Google Pay. I remember it saying on the receipt “Cardholder Device Verified”.

I’ll have to try out Google Pay and the physical Monzo card and see the difference between the receipts.

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Pay+ is pretty handy though, your payment card and Clubcard all in one. I use it all the time and you get get an extra Clubcard point for every £4 you spend.

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I don’t think the convenience of of that outweighs the inconvenience of having another payment method though. There’s no way I would ever use Pay+ because I don’t want to encourage retailers to all have their own payment schemes. Not a situation I would like to occur.

Thanks for the internal input, nice to see people bringing their working experience to the forum.

The EPOS might distinguish the payment method but clearly doesn’t identify any difference to a contactless card. There is no need to flame the guy for giving us his observations and it’s not fault his employer has made this decision.


It’s the authentication method that differs, the payment method is EMV contactless in all instances (with the exception of Amex contactless, which I think uses magstripe contactless even in the UK).

The fact that the payment terminal can identify the CDCVM used indicates that it is aware of the authentication method, but that it has been setup to not allow it to be used for high value transactions, which is not the default.

I was simply pointing out their incorrect statement, so as to prevent the spread of misinformation. No offence was intended, and I don’t believe any was caused, either. You’re creating conflict where non exists.

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Hey, do like me, stop using Tesco’s.
If more people stood together regarding this issue, Tesco might think again.

With the number of customers they have I’m not sure they’re going to notice if a handful decide to boycott them due to not fully supporting Apple/Google Pay.

They’re big enough to play by their own rules and that sucks for consumers.

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Even if the numbers were noticed, I don’t think the reasons would be.

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Lidl accept no limit (that I have reached) - £80 gone ok over Google Pay… Tescos always annoys me