List of retailers who don’t impose a £30 limit on transactions

Thought it might be useful to compose a list of retailers who do not restrict Apple Pay (and maybe Android Pay?) to a limit of £30 like most other contactless payments.

Personally I’ve never come across any of these mythical places so thought it would be useful to maintain a list here.

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Tesco only allow less than £30 contactless payments

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Pulled from my personal Monzo feed:

  • Apple Store
  • Blackpool Tram Shop
  • Five Guys
  • Honest Burgers
  • IKEA
  • Marks and Spencer
  • Nando’s
  • Pizza Express
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Sandcastle Waterpark in Blackpool
  • Selfridges

At this point, I’m genuinely surprised when a merchant doesn’t support high value contactless! :smile:


Tesco would rather you use their own payment system. What a crappy business system.


Waitrose impose a limit. Of £10,000. That’s some weekly shop!


That’s the cost of a couple of apples and a loaf of bread there, so understandable


That was what I always thought until I shopped there. Their own value brand products are comparable on price to Tesco or Sainsbury’s and good quality. Their full price products are similar to the premium ranges at Tesco or Sainsbury’s.


Nando’s don’t have the £30 limit.

M&S don’t have the limit either.

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Always wondered how you find out - do you just ask to pay by Apple Pay? Or wait for the terminal to just offer up contactless & try it?

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I’ve not been to a place which has £30 limit on Google/Apple Pay. If my phone’s unlocked I have spent upt to a couple hundred £’s contactlessly :smiley:

Halfords, Morrisons, IKEA, more that I can’t think of :stuck_out_tongue: Lots of merchants have been baffled and even annoyed by this :joy: I went to a restaurant and paid for 4 of us (to split later with Monzo :wink:) the bill came to around £60 iirc, so I whipped my phone out and they server said “no, that won’t work, use your card please.” So I continued to use my phone :joy: (worked perfectly) and had a ‘fun’ opportunity to explain why, they guy seemed curious so I figured why not :smiley:

I’ve not come across a venue which has limited Google Pay payments of over £30 :slight_smile: But I’ll be sure to shout about it in here if I do :stuck_out_tongue:


Tesco is definitely one who does limit Apple Pay.

I’ve realised why I haven’t come across any retailers who don’t limit - I don’t shop in as many different places as you guys :joy:

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Normally the contactless logo comes up when it’s over £30, to show it can do it.

I’ve also just remembered Yo sushi, also allow transactions over 30

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Asda also have a £30 limit.

Not sure what it is with supermarkets… Never had a problem with smaller retailers - even if they don’t think it’ll work they’re willing to give it a go (it always works, much to their surprise). My favourite one was buying a £500 amplifier… ‘That’ll never work… oh…’

Special mention for B&Q that don’t take contactless at all…


The interesting thing about the Tesco contactless terminals is that they are activated even if the transaction is over £30.

It doesn’t go through, but definitely interesting that they seem ready to take the payment regardless of the amount.

I should note that I’ve only ever tried it with NatWest Apple Pay so I wonder whether trying it with Monzo Apple Pay will make any difference :thinking:

The Card machine in the pub I work at doesn’t do contactless over £30. From my own personal testing I don’t think it’s even trying to find a contactless payment if it is over that price.

That does seem to be a big issue. There’s definitely some retailers I’ve been to where I’ve almost instinctively gone to use contactless but the terminal just ends up saying “Insert card” rather than the usual icon and “Present card” or similar wording.

There’s definitely an EPOS software/terminal firmware aspect to this where it just point-blank refuses if the transaction is over a certain amount.

In fact, that was problematic when the limit increased from £20 to £30. Quite a few retailers weren’t even ready for that change likely due to hard coded limits in the software/firmware.

Highest price thing I’ve bought through Apple Pay is a MacBook from Apple.

Currys don’t accept contactless either.

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Next don’t accept contactless either! :frowning_face:

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