Gpay contactless limit

Whay is the Gpay contactless for monzo coral

Does google pay have a limit?

It varies from shop to shop as I believe they set the limit or rather their payment processor does. So it also depends on how up to date they are too,

Sometimes it is £30 but I’ve paid ~£150 before. It’s one of those things you just need to try but as said above, I don’t think Google set any limit :slight_smile:

There isn’t a limit. I’ve paid north of £1000 via Google Pay Contactless before.

Depends on the shop, Tesco is restricted at £40 I believe.

Tesco have increased their Apple Pay/ Google Pay limit to £250. Not sure if they’ve rolled it out to every store yet or not.


Really annoys me that retailers get to set this limit…

I went into H&M, spent £120 they said Apple Pay won’t work… I did it and it worked.

Went to Asda, spent £50 tried to use Apple Pay. Didn’t work.

To be fair, the majority of places are either unlimited or fairly high on Apple or googlepay but there are a few like Asda where it is kind of annoying and makes me have to keep my card with me regularly :confused:

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Asda has long had a limit on older terminals that is the same as contactless - it does my head in!

I think that this is because contactless payments can be processed when the PED (card terminal) is offline and therefore there is a possibility that the retailer is on the hook for the value of the transaction until and auth code is retrieved. Could be totally wrong though.

I’ve heard the reasoning (allegedly from staff at stores) that they keep the limits to same otherwise people get confused.

I get both confused and annoyed when my shopping comes to £35 (local Asda limit is still £30) and I can’t pay by phone and have to go rooting for PINs and holding the queue up…

It’s usually just because a retailer isn’t using the latest version of Visa/MasterCard/Amex’s contactless specification that supports the consumer device verification method.

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ASDA is the worst because there’s no limit at the Filling Station but there is in store.

I don’t know about less confusing but definitely frustrating when you don’t have your card on you, just filled up £80 at the filling station and used Apple
Pay, proceed to use ‘Scan & Go’ in the store and then have to stand there whilst the poor staff have to split all your shopping manually into 3 £30 chunks and scan it at the standup terminal because of some silly policy!


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