New iPhone - Log In Issue

Well it’s new iPhone day HOORAH! Buuuuut I can’t log in to Monzo on my new phone.

Is anyone else having an issue?

I get my magic link, click it and then the app tries to set up a new account. I have uninstalled a dozen times and nothing :disappointed:

Surprisingly it was the complete opposite for me, I like to set up my iPhones from new and this was probably the easiest app to to sign in too, maybe turn the phone off and back in again?

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Same here, no issues. It’s worth checking Spam/Junk mail folders, just in case! Good Luck.

Sounds like you’re not using the email associated with your account :eyes:


That only happens when you’re using the wrong email address usually?

Are you double sure you’re using the correct address?

You guys are the best! I don’t know which thing fixed it but I turned the phone off, uninstalled the app (again) and tried my two email addresses again. I’M IN!!!

I’ve been trying to fix I it on and off all afternoon :joy: So glad to be able to see my money again!


If you change phones and need to check which email/info you used it’s always worth trying to log into Monzo on a browser :slightly_smiling_face:

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