Problems Logging Onto Monzo When Changed Phones


Can anyone help me with a problem I have logging back into the Monzo app after I’ve changed phones?

I installed monzo app on my new iPhone and tried to log back in. It sends a link to my email in order to get back into the newly installed app but when I click on the link, it opens the app and tries to make me sign up to a new account rather than log back into my current one.

In the app, I now can’t get out of the menu for opening a new account, even if I delete and reinstall. I cant get in app help either because of this!


This is because you’ve used the wrong email address. It isn’t associated with an account so it thinks you want to sign up for a new one.

Think about what other email address you could have used to sign up with your Monzo account and try that.


Bingo! Thanks very much. The confusion came from the community emails coming from an icloud email address so I was certain this was my monzo email when it actually wasn’t!

Awesome! Glad you sorted it :slight_smile: