Help phone restore

I’ve had to reset my phone. Reinstalled Monzo app. Asks me for email address and clicked link. Seems to be talking me through the process of creating a new account when I want to access my existing one. Thanks

Did you use the same email address as before?

Make sure you’re using the right email and haven’t accidently used the new account instead of log in.

Yes. Same one.

Sounds like you’re using a different email address. Try checking that and/or email to get you back up and running. If it’s really urgent 0800 8021 281

Thanks will do.

You can test whether you’ve got the right email using the API playground:

If it lets you login and you can see your accounts there then you’ve got the right email, otherwise I’m afraid it’s wrong.

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Hi. Sorted it. I had updated my email via chat the other day and was using that one. However update not applied. Tried my old one and sorted. Thank you all.


Nice support :+1:

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