Get to know your new Home screen 🏠

Notice something different about how your Monzo app looks? We have a new Home screen! :sparkles:

The new Monzo Home screen is designed to give you an even better overview of your money :dollar:

Get to know the new Home screen and see how you can make it your own in our latest blog post.

If you don’t see this in your app yet, don’t worry. We’re slowly rolling this out to make sure it’s working smoothly for everyone :butter:

This new Home screen is yet another step forwarded in our mission of making money work for everyone. And it will be easier for you to keep customizing as your needs change.

As always, a big thank you to those who have already sent in their thoughts on how to make it even better :sparkling_heart: Keep letting us know what you think through the in-app feedback form - we read every piece of feedback we get!


How do I get the old one back?


I hate it. How can I get the old screen back?


I don’t think you can now - it has evolved into what it is and hopefully, users can go with the new version moving forward.

If not, it’s probably time to switch to an alternative bank with a more approachable UI depending on personal preferences.


You can’t unfortunately.

Let the change sit for a while and get used to it and see how you feel later. I think it’s a better interface than the one it replaces all around, and I think a few folks who hated it initially have come around.

It also isn’t quite finished yet.

Do you any constructive feedback you could add? Why do you hate it specifically? What would make it better?

It’s completely pointless. It adds nothing takes away lots.

The Home Screen is now a top-to-bottom “summary” of my cards, pots, virtual cards etc.

My balances and Just 4 recent transactions are visible. Scrolling down reveals Pots and virtual cards. These are “occasional use” things. Why was it deemed necessary to promote pots and virtual cards to Home Screen and demote the transaction list to a sub-screen?! A totally crazy decision…. Unimportant things are now front and centre and important things like transactions are an extra tap away.

I don’t want “summary” I want detail. Compared to the old Home Screen it has LESS. And all the useful stuff is an extra tap away.

Imagine this Home Screen from the point of view of a user who has a single account and doesn’t use pots or virtual cards very often (The vast majority of users). This new home screen is completely redundant for that use case. It’s a pointless pre-home-screen in front of the real Home Screen.

Here’s an idea have a full list of transactions on the Home Screen that I can scroll. Maybe the cards and balances at the top will shift up to save space when I scroll the transactions. Oh wait! That’s how it was before!!

Another issue. My card gets declined at the supermarket as it’s frozen (happens a lot). Mad panic to open the app after the checkout lady tells me it’s declined. With the old Home Screen I was immediately faced with a pic of a frozen card and a “defrost” button so it was obvious what the problem is and how to fix it… Now what? There’s nothing on the new Home Screen that indicates my card is frozen or how to defrost it.

What do you think is good about it?

I was invited to “upgrade” to this. How can I downgrade?


I’ve given my feedback on the new UI at length throughout the various other topics about it, so I’ll keep this to a brief summary of things I find much better in the new interface.

  • It’s organisationally much cleaner. Things are easier to find now, and navigating around the app feels much more logical to me.

  • I find the simpler of the two new UI options to make a much better use of the screen real estate than the old interface. The stuff that matters is visible below the fold, and it’s faster to get a glance of the stuff that doesn’t just by scrolling down. And it achieves this without feeling overwhelming.

  • it’s made the app dramatically more usable for me.

  • I think it looks a lot nicer.

There are things I dislike about it as well, I have many criticisms, and I think you raise some good pain points there, which is useful feedback. Overall though, I think it’s an improvement.

But I never really liked the previous UI to begin with because it replaced this one which I really loved:


I seriously miss the original home screen. Just transactions so clear and across the whole screen.


Just to say this is in the Monzo USA bit not the UK bit.


I noticed this is in the USA section. Not sure why because I’m in the UK and got the new home screen so this is clearly a global feature launch.

This is just the US team making a thread to announce the rollout to their US customers and outline how they can share their feedback on it.

For the rest of us in the U.K., this is the global thread for the new interface:

This is making me miss my white and gold iPhone 6. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for the reminder @N26throwaway - Indeed, the US has got its own custom version of Overview in the US. We’ve been working closely with our UK teammates to enable this to be a very flexible system for us to build Monzo for international markets.

For example, the US version we’ve recently launched is specifically tailored to the US teams vision on how to manage money with a clear way to illustrate your Expenses and Savings. Additionally, we’ve enabled some really fun educational content geared towards the US. That’s just the start.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll continue to extend atop this foundation with improvements that will help our customers see their income cycle, expenses, and savings to easily see how they are on track (or off) on their goals and know exactly what is truly left to spend as a result on the Monzo card.


Can you work with them to show them how you made payments come directly from Pots instead of main feed? :melting_face:


While I can’t provide much insight into what the UK team is doing or plans to do, we do have some improvements to the new Home screen for our US customers :blush:

You can now choose between a list view versus an image view for Savings and Expenses :framed_picture:

  • To view as a list: tap the 3-dot menu under the Savings or the Expenses section, then tap “View as list”
  • To change back to the picture view, tap the 3-dot menu again, then tap “View as images”

A new combined feed experience :sparkles:
As part of our paying from Pots rollout, we also made improvements to your activity feeds!

With all your account transactions in one feed, it’s still important to know where each transaction is coming in and out of, especially if you’re set up to pay directly from Pots or have multiple accounts.

So for certain transactions, you’ll start to see little badge icons attached to the main merchant or Pot image, such as:

  • account badges - a single silhouette to indicate your personal account :bust_in_silhouette: or a double silhouette to indicate your joint account :busts_in_silhouette:
  • Pot image badges - shows which Pot the transaction was paid from

We still have even more planned for this, including a better transaction search experience and more customization options, so be sure to watch this space :eyes:


It’s just been launched in the UK today from what I can see. It’s awful!!!


Yes seems like the USA are getting this montrosity inflicted on them too :disappointed:

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I really find it much more confusing than what it originally was.

It’s an unnecessary step added to just get to the original account screen.

Also, I used to be able to swipe down on the original account screen and it would show me all of the pots for my account and total balance (money available and money in pots). This is the most annoying thing that’s gone now too. Unless there’s a way to do this with the new design?