Am I using the app right?

I’m having difficulty understanding how to use parts of the app. Specifically trying to get to a “home” screen and listing all my pots.

This is the issue:
There’s always a panel up overlaying the account screen. Showing transaction history. Quite annoying being there. I tap the down arrow but that makes it go up. I drag it down but then I go to a different screen showing all my pots. It’s this pots screen I consider my home page. Clicking Home on this page does nothing which is fine if this is my home page. But clicking Home on any other page takes me to account page with that annoying panel. Clicking Home on that page makes the panel go bigger.

I really don’t want to see that panel unless I click somewhere to view transactions, it’s really really annoying.

I’d also expect clicking Home to be consistent and always take to a Home page, one that doesn’t have a panel pop up.

Am I using the app right, specifically dragging the panel down to view the pits page which is a weird navigation feature.

I haven’t seen any older version but I feel like this design is trying to be different just to be different rather than having a practical interface which of course would be more normal then.

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If I understand what you are saying correctly, then this is the expected behaviour.

If you search the forum for new navigation, you’ll find some discussion about it.

Click your profile image top-left, that will take you to the “show all pots and other related items” section.

“Home” for Monzo is by default the list of transactions, although there has been some debate about providing the option to choose this or the list of pots as the default view on startup.

You have probably just saved me three wasted minutes across the whole year. I owe you one.


Ok thanks, but my profile icon is not listed on some pages like Payments.

The Home button has different actions depending on the screen I am on. If I am on Payments it goes to the Account and transaction history. If I click my profile and go to pots, clicking Home does nothing. Sometimes clicking Home changes the panel size up or down. Hence not even knowing what the Home page is supposed to be.

It seems to me someone wanted a design to be different for the sake of it, rather than having a design that is easy to use and straightforward. I see this a lot in my line of work (I run a web development company) where people design something to be different instead of designing for the best user experience, because the best user experience is often something standard (hence being the best as we are familiar with how it works). So you end up with something not working as a user expects and that makes it difficult.

people design something to be different instead of designing for the best user experience

I mean, there was a whole topic that ran to thousands of comments where this design was discussed, bug-fixed, and iterated on with full community involvement over the course of a few months, but OK.

Edit: Please see below:


Thanks. But looks like I am using the new app? So does it mean the issues are not to be addressed, its a community driven request to have it work this way? If it is then fine I can use it, I was just wondering if I am using it correct because it doesn’t feel right, a bit annoying, and takes getting used to :slight_smile:

It means that just because one of us sees something as an issue doesn’t mean that it actually is an issue. It also means that when stuff came up during development it was discussed/justified/changed as required so those involved are least accepting of where we are now even if they’re not entirely comfortable with it.

The practical meaning, however, is that I wouldn’t expect any further changes to something like this without a mass outrage and collective foot-stamping on the forum to drive it into being.

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All new things are, you’ll get there :slight_smile:

Yes I understand and thanks for letting me know so I know. Just needs getting use to then, just wanted to know if I was doing it right as swiping down to get to the pots is annoying, and I didnt want the panel there. But if thats how it works and I am doing it right then fine, thanks.

All new things are, you’ll get there

Although I disagree as if its designed well then people will just understand it right away and dont need to ask :slight_smile:

The more accounts/cards/pots you have, the more the 'horizontal scroll (to select the account/card/pot) and the vertical scroll (to see the transaction feed for that account/card/pot) makes sense. To me it’s very intuitive, although I do understand that what people my see as the home screen (all accounts/cars/pots listed vertically) is difficult to get to, the tap-on-your-profile-pic is a biggie.

But that’s just the ‘mian’ interface into your Monzo accounts. There are 2 other main ones - Payments and Summary. These need to be re-worked to be improved and brought into the same UX as the ‘Home’ screen UX to make the app super-polished. We’ve been informed that Summary is likely to be next for a re-work. Payments may or may not be included in that re-work, but it needs attention too.

Then there is the possibility that Summary/Budgetting may have increased functionality on paid-for tiers, although nothing has been formally announced yet.

That’s a very sweeping generalisation.

As mentioned earlier, you should read the topic linked as they justify their decisions with all sorts of facts and data from tests which will hopefully help. You may find it interesting too especially if you’re in the design industry.