Paying directly from Pots out of beta and now available in the US! 🍯

All aboard the release train! :steam_locomotive:

We’ve got some more ways to help you manage your spending with Pots:

As part of our new Home screen designs, Pots also got a new look :sparkles:
The new Pots detail screen allows you to easily access all your info, instead of going back and forth between different tabs.

You’ll see a quick snapshot of your latest activity, scheduled transfers, and Pot documents like monthly statements.

Your Credit Card Pot will show the balances for your synced credit cards and the percentage set aside from your Monzo balance as you spend for each of your cards.

Cover your expenses by paying directly from Pots :money_with_wings:
Paying from Pots can help you keep track of money coming in and out for specific reasons. It’s envelope budgeting… made digital :sunglasses:

You choose which merchants and/or categories to assign to a Pot. Any matching payments will automatically be paid from that specific Pot.

Auto-cover is turned on by default: if there isn’t enough money in your Pot for the payment, we’ll use your main account balance to cover the difference. Turning off auto-cover will decline payments when there isn’t enough money.

Read more in our blog post.

A BIG thank you again to everyone who helped us in beta testing :test_tube:


This is a fantastic feature. Will it be available in the UK at some point?


@PaulMcG definitely something to bring up with the UK team as a feature request :raised_hands:

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Definitely would love to see this on the UK. It’s actually the main reason I chose Monzo, not realising this feature was US only

We’re absolutely blown away by how much you all like the spending from a Pot feature!


You’ve told us how much easier it is to organize and manage your spending when you pay from a Pot. But what happens if it gets paid from the wrong place? :thinking:

You can now reassign transactions to come from a different Pot or account!

Tap on the transaction in your transaction feed, then tap “Pay from a different Pot”.

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Please teach the UK teams how to incorporate this!