December/Xmas/Christmas pay dates 2019

There have been a few threads started over the last few weeks about Christmas pay schedules :christmas_tree: :santa:

I’m merging them all into 1 so it’s a bit tidier and hopefully it will help other people :pray:

This really helpful post should answer most/all queries

This only applies if you are paid by BACS

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Don’t know if this has been asked before. If my pay date is 28th December does anyone know when these funds will be available this month due to bank holidays and 28th being a Saturday?

Course they will…you’ll get paid the last working day before the holidays

Should be 23rd

When does your employer pay you when Saturdays are involved? Is it the day before?

I would have thought you’d be able to get your pay on the 24th using the pay early feature


Tricky one this, as this is the first time the get-paid-early feature has been available over the Xmas period. It is usually (with a BACS payment) ‘get paid from 4pm on the business-day/week-day before you are supposed to’.

Going off the calendar for December, if you usually get paid on the 28th (Saturday), then you should get paid on the 27th (Friday) - which means you can claim from 4pm on Wednesday 26th. But the 26th is Boxing Day (UK Bank Holiday) and so it should roll forward to to the 25th, which is Christmas Day (another UK Bank Holiday), so in theory, you can claim from 4pm on the 24th. Happy Christmas! :christmas_tree::pound:


On a Friday

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My employer moves December’s payday. I normally get paid on the 28th but they pay me early in December so this year it’s the 20th (claimable in Monzo on the 19th)

Might be worth checking yours don’t do something similar if you haven’t already.

If they pay you on the 28th, I believe you can claim it on the 24th :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank god we don’t have the thirteenth month…

Thanks for your replies, I’ll see what happens and let you know.

If I’m due to get paid on the 24th December (Tuesday) when can I access it on the 23rd (Monday) 4 pm or the 20th (Friday)

24th is a normal processing day so earliest would be 4pm on 23rd unless you’re employer submits it early but you’ll need to ask them.

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I have payments due in my bank on the 27th December and on the 30th December - I am wondering if the get paid a day early will work over Christmas and if so when should we be able to access them please?

Kind regards and thanks in advance

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payments due on the 27 should be showing up to be collected on the 24 by 4pm and for the 30 it will be ready to collect on the 27 from 4pm

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As @shizzle rightly points out - if you are paid via BACS and the planned payment dates don’t change, then;

  • You’ll be able to claim the 27th December payment after 4pm on the 24th December
  • You’ll be able to claim the 30th December payment after 4pm on the 27th December

Happy Xmas! :christmas_tree::santa: :gift: :monzocard: :moneybag:

Thank you so much Shizzle and David.

That will be nice x

we get paid early on the 23rd this month, so with Monzo i can get that on the 20th :muscle:

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Because I get paid 21st of every month I should be paid on 20th? :thinking:

should do if they normally pay you the working day before by BACS

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