Get Paid Early Could Stop

Never noticed it before but when you utilise this feature up pops a note saying this could be withdrawn at any time - I sincerely hope not as I love this feature and given joint accounts don’t have overdraft makes me nervous in case my main pension don’t come through before all my direct debits and standing orders go out on the first

So what did you do before this feature existed?

Just move your direct debits to the 3rd of the month and then you don’t have to worry if this feature exists or not?


That’s been there for a few weeks

They might be leaving open the possibility that it will become a Plus feature?


It was brought up in the Android teardowns topic a month ago when it was noticed:

General consensus is that it’s just a disclaimer to protect themselves and to remind people not to become reliant on it.

Someone from Monzo then asked some questions to the developers and there are no planned changes to it :slight_smile:


Guessing its to cover monzos backs in case it bonces.

Not sure on the plus thing but I thought anything that’s currently on the free monzo account would remain free when monzo new new plus launches.

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They said that was the original intention but they’d let us know if that changed. They were going to have another look at Plus after its covid postponement so leaving all options open seems the wisest course


Ok so it’s now Monzo new new new plus.

Great name


Love it

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I have had a large Bacs payment that should have been offered for early release, but was not. No idea why. But that was a one-off Bacs, not something regular like pension or salary.

Also, if payment sender switches from BACS to FasterPayments then no early release will be possible. Althought early release is nice, maybe apply for overdraft with monzo?

I have an overdraft on my personal account but you can’t have one on joint accounts- where all my DD’s and SO’s get paid from. I can’t believe this is still an issue for Monzo - I would gladly move my facility to the joint account as would my wife with hers and close our personal accounts if necessary

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In my own opinion I’d recommend speaking to the various companies who you have DD with and ask them to move them to a few days later after your paid. Reduces the stress if your payment doesn’t come in as you have a few days to get it sorted.


After I moved my credit card payments to be slightly after my payday things did improve for me a lot. I no longer had to worry to keep enough cash for the credit card payment anymore. Cause it felt as if I never even saw the extra money I could have spend.

I really hope they don’t stop this feature as i use it all the time and its a great feature to have

I could have done with being paid on time this month, let alone early.

Issues at source end caused failure of SOs.

Not Monzo’s fault, and I at least had my money by FP by end of the day, so a decent recovery.


Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Developers asking Monzo whether there will be any changes?

I work as a developer in a big corporation and it’s completely not up to me what we add. Whatever my line manager says - that’s what I do.

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But you wouldn’t need an early release with Faster Payments? As you get the money instantly (or up to 2 hours as the regulation states I think?).

For me it’s not the DDs. It’s the big purchases I make. And after waiting for weeks for the salary to come in, it’s nice to make those purchases a day (or in some cases, when the salary comes on a Monday, 3 days) earlier.

Completely personal interpretation but I read this as “an employee at Monzo who happened to be on the forum but works in an area unrelated to the feature then asked someone who does work on the feature”


Sure, but like salary to arrive on the 27th my employers submits it on the 25th. With faster payments, they could choose to submit it on the 27th and keep cash around for two extra days of the whole payroll. Just because they could switch to fasterpayment, doesn’t mean they would keep the submission date the same.


I think you’ve misunderstood (or I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to say)

People on here wanted to know if any changes were planned to pay early. So someone who works at Monzo but isn’t directly involved with the feature kindly volunteered to ask those who built it. Whether they went to an individual developer or to the project lead is unknown but we got an answer.

I too work as a developer. I do as my line manager says but I still know what is happening with the projects I’m involved in and what the long term plans are etc. This is because we’re a team and we have daily standups to keep us in the loop.