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Me too. Even better than the N64, somehow. I think I’ve still got mine somewhere. That little disk and what was a decent controller for its time.

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Haven’t played HK, but God of War on default settings was giving me about 2-3 hours. I just plugged it in for any longer session.

And I occasionally connect to my powerbank for any game. Even though it’s not powerful enough to run and charge the Deck, it extends the battery for a bit anyway.

If battery life is very important to you, check the ProtonDB page for tips on tinkering settings for the specific game


Battery packs are an option too. It’s a relatively small battery with a 25W power draw. A 10000mha battery pack is relatively small and presumably triple the longevity.

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Thanks. It’s not so much that battery life is the be all. I’d be lucky to play for 3 hours uninterrupted as it is. It’s just that I’m looking at the Deck more to play less demanding games (HK, Tunic, Deaths Door, Dead Cells) and was just wondering how it performs.


FWIW I played Cult of the Lamb and went from 57% → 10%, then I gave it a rest and charged to 45% which then went down to 20% with an overall playtime of around 1.5h?

Definitely noticeable drain that I’m not sure I experienced before though.

Playing a well engineered game like Ori, I’ve never run out of battery during a session from full charge. Other games are pretty poorly optimised, so drain it surprisingly quickly. ProtonDB can give you a flavour of how a game is going to behave from a quick scan of the comments.


Ori was great!

Decided it was cheaper to just buy Hollow Knight on Switch for a tenner.

My preference would have been to start building up a Steam library but I don’t really need to spend £300 on a new console right now!


Yeah the GC controller is one of my favourite controllers thus far. Even being someone with biggish hands I still found it comfortable. I was a big fan of the Wavebird.

I don’t think it was a critically loved game but I really loved Starfox Adventures.

Unfortunately I traded my GC on for a Wii which was a massive disappointment. It basically became a drunk thing to play during uni when we got in from a night out. Ended up trading that in for a PS3 when the first Uncharted came out. Not had a Ninty console since, although massive tempted by a switch and Breath of the Wild.

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I played the OG version of that on the N64 - great game!

You never played the SNES one?

:rabbit: <( do a barrel roll! )

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I only found out the other day it’s not even a barrell roll…
It’s an aileron roll.

Childhood ruined.

I had no idea it came out on the SNES. To be honest, I was too busy trying to shoot ducks…

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Those who own a SteamDeck - I am trying to work out if, and how I could run a game downloaded as an .exe on the Deck. I am not that savvy with this stuff but would love to play Jazz Jackrabbit 2…

Found this on Reddit, if it helps:

I downloaded it in desktop mode, added the .exe as a non-steam game and then from game mode changed the compatibility tool to Proton GE.

I saw that too but it is all Greek to me! So would Steam just accept an .exe even though Linux (the base of SteamOS) doesn’t support them?

Edit: found a video and that seems to be the case!

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Amazon Luna (cloud gaming service) has launched in the UK

They’re taking the PS asking £60 for the controller, surely. I wonder if there’s a way of making a Stadia controller work with it instead… :sweat_smile:


I would hope so but who knows with this sort of thing (well, I’m sure some people know. I dont though :laughing:) I’m fairly sure you can use your phone, but that just isn’t the same for obvious reasons

EDIT: From a quick search, it seems you can use most controllers. It seems you may only be able to use Stadia wired via USB but not 100% sure.

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