Google Stadia 🎮

Well, here it is! :thinking:


Here’s the official Google Blog. Not sure what I think yet to be honest. I’m pretty bought into Xbox with three generations of consoles and games.


I can’t wait for this to be released. Will be very interested to see what the pricing looks like.

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Yeah, looking forward to this. I’m in the NVidia streaming beta, and it’s interesting, and getting better! Some big technical hurdles, and I have a pretty beefy PC so running locally will be better, but I’m so ready to give that up for a game-on-demand service in the cloud.

I’m pretty excited for it. Amazon are apparently moving into the market as well next year, so it’s an exciting space to watch for the next five years.

One thing that intrigued me was this quote regarding the new controller:

Direct WiFi connectivity to the data center for fast connections and seamless controls.

One issue I’ve had with previous iterations of cloud based gaming is the latency problems. Obviously we live in an age now with high speed internet access plus soon to be 5G connectivity. I’m hoping this controller that is directly connected to WIFI helps eliminate said issue.

If it works at a technical level I’d be interested. I think I’m over the whole buying of game consoles and physical games now. I’d rather just pay to play a game on demand. I’m getting old! :frowning:

I used to be a huge fan and user of OnLive when that was still around. Looking forward to see what Google, Nvidia, and Microsoft all bring to the table. :slightly_smiling_face:

I eventually see a vast majority of games moving to Xbox Game Pass style subscriptions with streaming options in the next generation. It’s a direction the industry has been moving in for a few years now.

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Will be interesting to see what the pricing structure is. I could be tempted by a monthly subscription. I think an Audible subscription model could work well.

It’ll be interesting. I was on the nvidia streaming beta but ditched that when it turned out not only is there a monthly fee (waived on the beta, but still) but you have to buy the games at full price too… not sure what they were thinking with that one.

OnLive had a decent pricing structure but went bust. I’m not sure there’s much money to be made - games already have gaming PCs and pay for them, and others won’t pay (I couldn’t imagine paying £60 for a game, ever, it’s just not on my radar), and running all those server farms aint cheap.

Google is just minutes away from another Stadia launch event, where it’s promising to detail launch games, pricing, and availability. Kotaku reports that a Canadian newspaper has spilled the details a little early. Google’s Stadia game streaming service will reportedly launch in November, priced at $11.99 Canadian dollars ($9) per month.

For this subscription you’ll get access to a few free games, but it looks like Google will be selling most titles, especially new ones, in a store model. Many had hoped Google would launch a “Netflix for video games” service, but this looks like an interim gap before it’s available to secure top games for a monthly subscription.

Games is a key part of Stadia, and we didn’t hear about many of them back when Google unveiled the service at GDC earlier this year. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey , Doom , The Division 2, Destiny 2, and the Tomb Raider trilogy are all reportedly part of the Stadia launch, but it’s not clear which ones (if any) are bundled or will need to be purchased separately alongside the monthly subscription.

Google is also reportedly launching a free version of Stadia next year, and this will allow users to stream games at 1080p. The regular subscription will provide 4K / 60fps streaming, and you’ll need a minimum internet connection that can support 10Mbps. Google’s press event is due to begin at 12PM ET / 9AM PT today, so we’ll likely get a lot more information about the company’s Stadia plans very shortly.

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Just watched the live stream- very impressive. Real world usage/experience needed but I’m tempted even if it’s only to cut down on hardware/cables in the house!

Can’t wait for this. I fully expected a higher monthly subscription. I’ll be delighted if we can get it sub-£10 in the UK.

£8.99 / mo


Do you have to also buy the controller? Google Store lists Stadia at £119 plus the subscription (after the 3 months free).

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I still can’t see the attraction of paying a monthly subscription and paying for the games as well, plus £119 for the controller(!!!). Clearly not aimed at casuals like me who generally wait for steam sales…

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I really like NVIDIA Now. No fee (currently) and I can use my back catalogue of games from Steam. If I can’t link my Steam account, I probably will stay with NVIDIA.

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Microsoft are going to show xCloud at E3 on Sunday night. I’m much more likely to go with it for all previous owned games and gamepass.

Having said that, I’m interested in seeing what everyone brings to the table :eyes:

The ‘Founders Edition’ (the only version of Stadia you can buy - well… pre-order - right now) includes 1 controller, 1 Chromecast Ultra, 3 months of Stadia Pro subscription plus 3 months of subscription for a nominated other person - and ‘dibs’ on your Stadia name. Plus a Founders Edition badge. But it won’t arrive until November.

Looking at it carefully, Stadia will support most, if not all, current gaming controllers (plus PC keyboard/mouse) when linked to Chrome using an Stadia account which is either subscribed to the Pro plan or on the ‘Base’ plan. Both Pro and Base launch in 2020.

So if you go for it now, you’ll get the controller as part of the Founders Edition.
If you wait, you can either buy the Stadia controller later or use an existing controller or Keyboard/Mouse.

It’s a clever pitch. The more I look at it, the only reason to jump in early is to get your preferred name. If this doesn’t appeal - wait.

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Oh nice. I’d probably buy it for the Chromecast Ultra :laughing: I imagine the controller on its own would be about £30-40

If it works well I can see myself subscribing.

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