Cyberpunk 2077

Ok. Not sure who here plays games and/or is hyped about Cyberpunk 2077, but CD Projekt Red just revealed first gameplay demo (please note that this demo is PG18, there are some bare bits, blood and umm, missing legs).

I’m still picking up my jaw :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:, and it’s one of the best demos I have ever seen (apart from total lies about No Man’s Sky).

If you’re fanboying or fangirling about CP2077, let’s do it together. This is official unofficial offtopic topic about Cyberpunk 2077.


Looks good. Dialogue is a bit, er, forced? As in it didn’t feel like they were talking naturally to one another. But then again it was only the odd occasion and I imagine there’s several hundreds of hours of dialogue.

Really enjoyed the Witcher, so I’ll keep ma eyes peeled. :grinning:

Just going to bump this thread now that it is finally out.

Anyone else exploring Night City?

Enjoying it! Love the writing and characters so far. Only did 5h or so. Managed to squeeze out 60-80 fps on my GTX 1080 as well. It can only get better with DLCs and patches.

Looks a good game to be fair, I thought it was only out on the new xbox. I have a high end pc and I prefer shooter games on pc rather than xbox . May get it in a couple months

It is on steam right ? If I liked half life will I like cyberpunk ?

It’s on Steam with high-end PC’s. I’ve jumped for it on Stadia (Xmas :gift:, so not playing until Xmas day and ‘free’ Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra to add to my existing Stadia set-up)

Interesting how much it pushes hardware, which is where Stadia really shines - there is none!


16 GB of RAM
Radeon RX580 8GB
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 ( 6-Core )

Would that be ok for 1080p ?

Nice :desktop_computer: . That’ll run Cyberpunk 2077 at 1080p

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Thanks ! Was from Novatech but I upgraded the CPU, GPU and RAM.

According to this video you will have a much better time playing it on a PC…

I love a bit of CS GO and Half Life 2, so this looks good.

It really is shockingly bad on consoles. If that really was the reason it had to be delayed how bad was it before?

Hopefully when the next gen patches come out it’ll look a lot better when they can target a decent CPU instead of the terrible PS4/Xbox One ones

Given how it runs on a PC with a dedicated graphics card, it’s a miracle it runs at all on an old Jaguar-core PS4 or Xbox One with integrated graphics.

The PC version is very hungry, but also quite beautiful with everything turned on. You just need to have whatever Nvidia or AMD have yet to release to run it well. A 4080 should be fine…next year.

Performance frame rate wise it’s decent on ps5 but occasional bugs and crashes.

HDR doesn’t work for my TV and think they over did the chromatic aberration though so looks alot better with them off.

erm is anyone else getting this on PS4 alot

Appears to be a known issue. Does anything here help?

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Quite a lot of people unfortunately. Enough that it’s been turned into a Reddit meme at least.

I didn’t think it was possible for a game to launch in an even worse state than watch dogs legion, but they managed to top that. Could have done with being delayed until next year in my opinion, the bugs and crashes ruin it.

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Not sure if I’m getting that crash but it’s crashing every couple of hours. Mostly when I’ve picked somewhere to go and drive off round a corner and dead.

The patch seems to have helped a bit with the visuals (unless it’s just me) before outside was like it was like the upscaling and textures were from 480p or something now it’s lot better!

I’ve just had bugs, no crashes at laeast on PC

My bugs incluse:
Minimap disappearing completely when moving from an interior to exterior
V t-posing outside the car when driving
My gun disappearing
Enemy A.I being bullet sponges (not dying when their health is empty)
Floating objects
Hands not touching the desk/bar
The inventory freezing and being sluggish

I could go on

I am playing on PC though, I heard it’s a lot worse on consoles

Yup console here! Xbox Series S, crashes more frequently that watch dogs does. Also experienced that same list of bugs as you, plus a few others!

I dread to think how the game must have been when it was worth delaying the release!

In its current state, it’s not playable for me, so I’ve requested a refund from Microsoft. Will maybe come back to it in a few months after it’s had some patches or just wait until it comes to gamepass.

That’s two big releases this year now that have been crappy unenjoyable experiences. In the case of watch dogs it’s put me off the franchise for good. I was expecting or hoping for better from CDPR, but Destiny 2 Beyond Light has been the only pleasant new game from a big developer (if you can call an expansion new) that isn’t a Nintendo IP this year.

Gonna use my refund to grab The Falconeer

Then I need to focus on convincing myself not to pre order non-Nintendo games!

I’ve played 7 hours on PC so far and not had a single crash. I’ve only really had one glitch where I was sneaking along a hallway, it froze for a second and threw me into a room at the end of the corridor with enemies. So pretty good so far!

Been playing it for 3 hours or so on PC, games pushing my PC and the graphics look great. Story hasn’t really taken for me yet but perhaps I need to get further into the game