Can anyone suggest a game for me?

I like CS GO, Half Life, Cyberpunk etc. And any FPS really
Anything you could recommend, preferably available on steam ?
Rainbow six ?

Control is an excellent game

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Have you tried the F.E.A.R. games or Metro 2033

Or probably too obvious Bioshock games the original a tenner or 3 for £40.

Do you like the shoot and loot games like Borderlands?

If so two older Rage 2 or something fun like Bulletstorm

Not really an FPS, but Detroit Become Human is good

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Thanks guys i’ll have a look.

R6 Siege looks quite complex

Looks quite good

That looks my sort of game… quite expensive though

My favourite FPS is still Destiny. Destiny 2 is free to play now, if you want to try that. By far the best gunplay mechanics in the industry, nothing comes close.

The Halo franchise is another favourite of mine.

As long as you have some good friends to play with. Sea of Thieves is a fantastic game too.

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I forgot about that. Yes i’ve played it before. The only thing I could never figure out was the menus and how to get into battle. It was giving me objectives to find random people etc.

I second Destiny, Best Gunplay in any game, might be biased though because I adore Destiny but i’m pretty sure the gunplay is the one thing that nobody can realy argue against, the game has it’s flaws, that’s not one of them

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It has its learning curves for sure, but once you figure out the rhythm, it’s fairly straightforward. Go to your objects. Shoot stuff, collect better gear, look fantastic doing it, and repeat. There’s a PVP mode too if you prefer that. Personally, I just love the campaigns and strikes.

Cool. I’ll reinstall it later and have a go. Is there a story-mode too ?

Yep! There are three campaigns! Plus a mini campaign at the start as an intro for new players. The story is one of my favourite parts!

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Metro Exodus is excellent, but probably play 2033 and Last Light first.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided is also very good, if you like Cyberpunk.

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Doom (2016) and its sequel, Doom Eternal are both excellent games, perfect examples of a “pure” FPS.

They’ll be an excellent showcase for your new GPU as well :wink:


Escape From Tarkov is a solid choice but it can be a bit of a grind to get into.

It’s still in Beta but one of the best games I’ve played.

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Got destiny 2 in 4K UHD HDR. Looks incredible.

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That it does, it’s a beautiful game, make sure you look up as well. It has some of the best skyboxes you’ll ever see in a game

Seems ridiculouly difficult. I’m right at the start of the campaign and have to fight like 100 robots and a huge space craft in a blizzard and constantly getting owned

Technically not the start of the campaign, thats the start of the latest dlc’s campaign. Although I have heard its not a great experience for new players after it went free to play.

Did you stat from scratch or already have save progress?(I saw you mentioned you tried it before)

If you already had a save, probably worth deleting all save data and starting from scratch, there’s supposed to be a quest for new players only

try this as well: DESTINY 2 NEW PLAYER GUIDE |


Yeah there was some progress. I’ll start again then thanks

Is this the start of the campaign ?

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Yep, that’s the very beginning! Enjoy!

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