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Well now I feel like an old git… THANKS FOR THAT! :sob:

(For clarity I’m joking. I’m well aware that I am still a handsome young buck…)


That and Manic Miner were my favourites back in the day (on Amstrad 464)!


Yeah I wonder if Sony will commit to having full content on all platforms like MS have done with CoD.

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I think that only applies to Tech giants, not tiny little console only players like poor Sony :man_shrugging:.

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They (monzo forum) need to add a :rofl: like button.


Ever played Black Mesa? After HL2, BM was a nice surprise. There are a couple of really tough Boss moments in there.

HL2, BM & Portal2 remain PC faves, after arcade Space Invaders, Asteroid, Defender, Hunchback, Dragon’s Lair, Star Wars (vector graphics), Paperboy, Frogger, 720. How many hours of my life have I actually spent stood up, looking at a screen after pushing 50p’s into a slot ???

And where did I get all that money from?

Never played Black Mesa, one of the podcasts I was listening to the other day was talking about it. Apparently they retconned a load of stuff into it based on stuff that happened in the second game.

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Horizon Zero Dawn running like a dream on Deck. Sparks of Hope crashing and burning on Switch - full of bugs. Hmmmmm. Price difference would suggest it would be the other way round!

Deck also turning out to be superb for kids…
Monument Valley (both)
Assemble with Care

I’ve got a PSVR2 arriving this morning. My wife is going to kill me.

So long, everyone.


It is supposedly 10 times better than the quest 2 and i like my quest 2, enjoy!

The only other VR hat I’ve used is the PSVR1, and everything is better than that - so I’m looking forward to the brief window I’ll get to go on it before my wife gets home and gets the bread knife out.


Sandwiches for dinner? :dagger: :sandwich: :angry:

Dragon Quest XI seems good so far.

Im not sure how Atomic Heart and Half Life 2 are remotely similar

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I gave up 70 hours in when I realised I was barely half way through the story. :sweat_smile:

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Both set in the future with evil robots, first person shooter and open world adventure

Half Life 2 is in absolutely no way an open world game.


Do apologise for not being entirely accurate. Last tine i played that game was 2009

All Im saying is i found atomic heart similar to hl 2

Steam decks 10% off at the moment, cannot recommend one enough.


Saw this last night and trying my best not to pull the trigger.

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