FYI - We don't support iOS 13 (yet!)

Hi everyone :wave:

Now that iOS 13 is available for beta testing, you might want to update and try it out. But before you upgrade, please be aware that you might have problems using it with Monzo.

In particular the app may hang at launch or use a lot of your CPU if you can login. Or it may randomly crash when you’re using it.

We’ll fully support iOS 13 by the time it publicly launches. And we’ll keep you updated here on what performance you can expect from the app in the meantime.



I’m sure everyone will heed this warning and not install the beta…



sharpening pitchfork

downloading iOS 13


Cue multiple threads and posts about it not working and how they can’t access their money :thinking:


Do you guys test immediately with new releases? As in, are you testing iOS 13 now?

They probably should, odd though out of all the apps installed on my phone (100+) Monzo is the only one that doesn’t work…


By public, do you mean in a month’s time with the public beta which many people will install, or the public launch?

The public beta is there to get feedback from users so not supporting it is not great in my opinion


I disagree.

Whilst it’s in beta, there’s no guarantee it’s an iron-tight secure OS (though it probably is). Monzo need to take the line that it’s not supported by them in case there’s issues out of their control that leaves the app open to malicious types.


I disagree.

Monzo are one of the only leading fintechs or banks in the UK (the Coop Bank/Smile being the other identified so far) whose app doesn’t work in the iOS 13 beta. Whilst I don’t expect them to make it supported in the next few weeks, I would expect them to sort it sooner rather than later but state we use it at our own risk. Monzo will need to test it anyway so they may as well use their customers who use it.


I don’t believe any released app should officially support any Beta OS version. Always use at own risk.

I’d certainly start some work around iOS 13 support internally but I’d go slow and wouldn’t let it out of Monzo HQ until full public release of the OS.


So anyone running iOS 13 cannot use the Monzo app until September :man_shrugging:t2:

FYI my main banking apps are working as expected.


It’s a real shame. I’ll be paying £3 per month for an account/app that I won’t be able to use :woman_shrugging:


They can if it works, they can’t if it doesn’t.

Hey, this is just my opinion so it carries no weight with Monzo but it would drive me mad trying to maintain compatibility with a moving beta of an OS. Work on it in the background, wait for it to stabilise and then support it.

The risk of running a Beta OS is that your apps aren’t guaranteed to work so go in knowing that and if the worst happens then you’re prepared.


Really? People are using pre release software on their main devices?




Indeed. If something goes wrong I just revert to 12, if it goes well like in the past 3 years, I’m a happy early adopter. Oh well, that one DD should be easy to switch back to Barclays


I think getting the TestFlight build up to scratch on iOS 13 quite quickly shouldn’t be a challenge.

In previous years iOS 12 and 11 this has happened quite quickly on pre release betas.

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It may not be a challenge but it also isn’t a priority. The message in another thread is that “they’ll get round to it” but not immediately.

Also iOS 13 suggest submitting crash reports automatically on app hangs, their beta email inbox is going to get very busy very quickly :joy:

Clearly 2 sides to the whole “to Beta or not to Beta”…

Personally, I find it odd that a customer base who are seemingly overly happy accepting a beta bank account with plenty of bugs and half finished features, are equally as happy to sit back and let Monzo take their time with a new iOS.

Especially given the customer base is renowned for being early adopters and tech savvy.

I didn’t expect Monzo to work out of the blocks, just like I don’t think anyone expects any app to work instantly with a new iOS.

Although I’d be curious to know why Monzo doesn’t work when most others seem to be fine? Guessing it’s just a minor bit of code, but that makes it sound like I know anything at all :joy:

But I would have thought Monzo would have at least shown this is a bit of a priority (to get the app running on iOS13), and not make it seem like it could be September before its operational.

The argument that people shouldn’t run it on their main device will always be there - But I personally don’t think it holds any weight in this specific instance.

Clearly different priorities will benefit/suit different people. It seems odd that a bank who prides itself on its tech, looks to be behind even the high street banks, with no obvious inclination to hurry it up…