Android Dev Update

(Tristan Thomas) #1

I want to share in a bit more detail our Android plans and how the full app is progressing. This is a bit risky but hopefully you guys will be understanding when we inevitably get delayed/run into problems etc. with all the usual things that happen in software development :wink: Transparency ftw.

We’ve been updating the current version of the Android app (v0.1) with bug fixes and will very soon (late this week/early next week) have an update in the Play Store that adds some more content to the waiting list and brings it up to par with iOS (this means we can send people on the waiting list additional information about wait times, ask them questions etc.).

Much more excitingly, our first full time Android engineer is starting on Monday! :tada: :tada: :tada: I’m hoping he’ll be able to take this thread over once he does because his focus will be to get something out to our wonderful Android beta testers as soon as possible with ‘main app’ functionality – this will be super basic, showing you your feed and balance, but from there should develop quite quickly.

I’m just as impatient as all of you because @dom and I are the only Android users in the office (once everyone sees how much better the :robot: version is I think that’ll change :wink: ). We’re also hiring for a second engineer to join so let us know if you know of anyone…

Hope that makes sense and thank you for your patience! We really are making progress on Android now and we can’t wait to share it with all of you :smiley:

Our new name is M…! What do you think?
(Josh Bray) #2

Great to hear. Can’t wait to get some main app functionality
Transparency ftw! :wink:

(Tony M) #3

This is fantastic news! Happy to beta test, once you’ve appropriate stable code… :wink:

(Jon Farquharson) #4

Exciting stuff :blush:

(Tristan Thomas) #5

PS. Best bet for beta testing is to make sure you’re on the current beta (I think you can access it from our Play Store app page) and we’ll roll it out there first :slight_smile:


I’d happily join as a coder for the Android app. I can’t write a lick of code. Is that a barrier to entry?

(Tristan Thomas) #7

You’re hired Chris :tada:



All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.

(Jon Farquharson) #9

Hi Tristan,

I hope your new :mondo: Android Dev Engineer is settling in nicely? Looking forward to an introduction, and wishing him all the best :slight_smile:


(Tristan Thomas) #10

He certainly is! Meet @joluet :tada: Hopefully he’ll be up for giving some semi-regular updates on progress over the coming months in this thread :slight_smile:

(Jonas Luthke) #11

Hi everyone, it’s great to see that you’re excited about the Mondo Android app.
To be honest I’m really looking forward to using it myself. :smiley:

I’ve already started writing some source code and like Tristan mentioned above we’re aiming to get out a release with some very basic features to our Android beta testers as soon as possible.

I’ll post more updates on this soon.

(Josh Bray) #12

Who isn’t excited to use it😋. But seriously try and keep us posted. Helps to build trust. Something that mondo is doing very well ATM


Hey @joluet - congrats on the new job! I had a quick look on the Play Store (as @tristan suggested above) but can’t see any difference between the “regular” Mondo app and one that might be flagged as a “beta”. Is there some other step we might need to go through in order to get access to the beta? I know from running beta programmes in the past, I had to be running a Google+ community in order to grant users access to the beta apk.

Anyhow - really looking forwards to seeing the fruits of your labour!


(Jonas Luthke) #14

Thanks @DavidC. As soon as we have a version of the app in our beta channel it should appear on the Play Store as it’s a public beta. However, you can already join the beta channel here, too.

Btw, I made some good progress on the transaction feed yesterday.

(James Billingham) #15

Looks as though the bundle identifier for that app is slightly wrong… It’s currently “”, which would imply Mondo’s website is - shouldn’t it be “”?

(Jonas Luthke) #16

Yeah I’ve noticed that, too. Unfortunately that’s something you can’t just change after publishing on the Play Store.

(Tristan Thomas) #17

:frowning: It’ll be a good memory of older times – especially once we’ve changed the name :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jonas Luthke) #18

Quick update: I’ve finished the implementation of a basic transaction feed. Also, I’ve integrated our support chat. I think we’re on track to release something to our beta channel at the end of next week or the beginning of the week after. :slight_smile:

(Josh Bray) #19

Hey!:joy::joy::joy:. I’ll be a beta tester

(James Billingham) #20

I will be too. Anyone who wants to do that can just register for it here: