Frozen Monzo Account (Refunded Payment)

So my Monzo account has been frozen for the past few weeks without reason.

I have tried contacting Monzo by phone but every time I call them I’m greeted with “Your Monzo account is currently frozen, we will call you within 2 hours”.

I never recieved a call from them and I’ve sent numerous emails about this issue and they advised that they can’t give me an update and cannot provide any further information.

I am slightly concerned as a refunded amount of £326.92 was issued to my Monzo card in error from a cancelled holiday.

It looks as if the refund hasn’t bounced back so I can only assume that Monzo hasn’t rejected the payment?

If anyone could give me some advice it would be much appreciated.

If the money has been credited to your account then Monzo will be able to advise on how you can get hold of it and the rest of your funds after they’ve concluded their investigation. For legal reasons they won’t be able to discuss it with you whilst the case is ongoing.

More info here:


As above :point_up:

Once done they will ask for your bank account details and will transfer everything over.


The account was frozen when the refund was processed so does that mean that Monzo are holding onto the funds or will they reverse the refund?

I tried transferring £1 to the account from an alternative bank account and it got reversed so surely it would be the same if it were a refund to card?

Not necessarily.

The difference between the two is that the transaction you want refunding is one that will be under investigation, along with all your other ones. So it would make sense that any activity relating to transactions prior to your account being frozen will be stopped and not sent elsewhere.

That being said, I don’t know for certain so you’re best asking in app :slight_smile:

The refund was made Monday just gone and as the current state of the account is frozen then it should bounce back automatically?

I would have thought any transactions whether it be refunds to the card or bank transfers to the Monzo bank account it would bounce back?

Nobody on the forum can help you I’m afraid.


I find it hard to believe that nobody can give me a straight answer, all I’m getting from Monzo is the account is under investigation and they can’t provide an answer as to why.

They can’t give me a reason as to why and it seems as if I’m not the only one having this issue looking at reviews.

Every time I email them it seems I get a different answer, someone said they account was frozen another person said it was closed.

I don’t think it’s fair that Monzo is treating its customers this way especially when there’s a large sum of money involved.

Because that is the law.


Monzo won’t be able to discuss it until the case is resolved and they get permission to release the funds, otherwise it jeopardises the outcome of the investigation. It’s “tipping off” which would land Monzo in a heap of :poop:

That’s not unique to Monzo it would be same at any bank.

Edit: this is it I think

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I love reading stuff like this. As if they have a daily lottery where they pick out an account number and just freeze it for sh*ts and giggles.


I don’t think you understood what I said. A refund that’s attached to a transaction is different from you doing a bank transfer.

As others keep saying though, nobody on here can help - speak to Monzo via phone, email or in app chat and read the below article to get a better understanding of the situation.


How card payment refunds work is that monzo get a batch file with a big list of refunds a few times per day so they can’t really bounce it back as there is thousands of people in that list.

Whereas a bank transfer is a single transfer per ‘file’ so they can just reject it.

Although they could probably technically send the money back after, I don’t believe they do it.

Hope that helps.


That is a straight answer.



Did you get this resolved

Having the same issue

Account is frozen and I’m expecting a card refund for a online purchase that I returned, and it just processed after Monzo froze/closed my account

I’d suggest contacting them from an alternative number and talk to a representative. Email them as well and explain the situation. I wouldn’t suggest taking advice from some people on here as they’re inexperienced and obviously don’t understand what it’s like to be put through this sort of thing where you’re unable to get access to your funds especially when you’ve done nothing wrong. I always had a legitimate source of income from my workplace and all of a sudden they decided to freeze my account. I’m still waiting for my money and it’s been almost 3 weeks since the refund was processed, they’re now saying it’s going to be returned to the source which I presume is the merchant that processed the refund to the Monzo card. I hope you’re able to get your issue resolved. It’s ludicrous that any organisation can get away with unlawfully freezing an account and not allowing access to your money.

EDIT - Just noticed that they have partially transferred some of the refunded payment to an alternative account that I provided with the reference “Returned Funds”.

I shall be contacting the merchant tomorrow to see if Monzo have indeed returned the money to them.

As none of us here have any ability or training to address the lawfulness or otherwise of this It’s probably best to stop this discussion at this point.

If you have specific questions about Monzo’s application of banking law to your case you’d best take it up with them directly.