Frozen Monzo Account

Recently, my Monzo account was frozen for a reason I know about, but months before this reason I had a balance of around £3000 in my charter savings pot. When my account got frozen, I was informed I would receive the £3000 back but the value could be changed if they needed to return it to the account it came from (all this money was hard worked for and was owned by me). Today I checked and the value had decreased to £45! I was shocked because they had just basically taken my savings from me. There wouldn’t be a reason for me to return the £3000 to any account because it was MY money. This money had also been sitting in my savings way before the reason to lock my account. So why do they think this was anyone else’s money but mine?

Could I please get some advice because I’m still lost for words and I’m so shocked, £3000 is a lot of money for me I worked very hard for it too :frowning_face:
Thanks :frowning:

Hi. Nobody here can help you with the exact details, you’ll need to speak to Monzo.

If you had a legitimate £3000 in a savings account, that isn’t actually held by Monzo which is probably causing a complication.

Are you sure the £45 isn’t what was in your Monzo account? And the £3000 in savings?

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The only action you can take is to ask Monzo where your money went. If you aren’t happy with the answer, make a complaint. You can escalate this to the Banking Ombudsman if you are still dissatisfied.

This will take time, and there is no guarantee of success.

The £3000 was legit, thanks for letting me know it’s not held by Monzo, it gives me hope.
I had £45 in my current account and the £3000 in my ISA.
However, the first time the message showed up that they were returning the money it showed I was being returned the money in my savings and my current account (3000+45), now it just shows £45.

Thanks, do you know where I can complain?
I’ve already tried emailing them.
I can’t call now either because its the weekends.

In app, if you still have access to it (search help for ‘contact’). Or


Hi there,

We’re sorry to see you’re having trouble with your account at the moment. Unfortunately this isn’t something we can help out with here on the forum.

The best place to get this sorted out is through our in-app chat, or by email at Our team will be happy to investigate what’s happened here.