Problems with $1000+ refund, no response from support

So since my account was closed for no apparent reason, I raised a complaint which is currently being dealt with and therefore has left me without access to my Monzo account.

I then had a refund of $1086 back to my account, and I sent an email on Thursday at 1PM asking if it would bounce or if this would be fine, and could the support guys forward it on once it lands (they’ve done this previously, and said they would for any other refunds - but I attempted to send £0.01 to my closed account and it bounced, so I got a little worried).

I then chased it on Friday, and again today. I shouldn’t have to ask three times if my $1000+ refund will bounce or go back into my account. I have also sent this to the lady that is dealing with my complaint, as well as - it’s a weekend so I don’t expect either to pick it up until Monday but I’m fairly sure support is 24/7.

I’m just wondering if someone can pick this up as if it bounces I’m unsure what to do about this and would like to know in advance rather than waiting 2 weeks to be told it hasn’t hit yet.

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I would call Monzo’s CS at 0800 802 1281. I’ve also flagged your post to the team so that someone can look into this.


I tried last night but it went to the pre-recorded message then hung up automatically, will try again shortly. The social media team (twitter) told me before that the CS team could only answer queries regarding open accounts.

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That’s strange.
Let’s hope this gets resolved ASAP.

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I’ll give it another shot. Pretty annoying experience, I’ve recommended a LOT of family members to Monzo (brother, mother, father, cousins, girlfriend) and a few work friends. It doesn’t bode well with me that I’m potentially being ignored after getting 4 people to go full monzo. Will reflect bad on me if the same happens to them, understand it could be a one off.


Was the refund via card or Faster Payment?

Also, could you get in touch with whoever is refunding you to ask if they did process the refund, whether it bounced, and if so you could provide them with another account to refund it to?

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Via card, I have emailed them but it’s alibaba so unsure what their turnaround time is for things like this and unsure if they’d even send to another account.


I think the refund is there, simply you can’t touch it until you regain access to your account, so no need to panic too much unless you need the money now.

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Just actually read from Alibaba:

For online orders on, namely Secure Payment and Trade Assurance Orders, refunds to the original card that you used to pay. For security reasons, can not refund to another card. If the card is closed or cancelled, please contact your bank how to deal with the refund after your bank receives the refund.

I had money in the account that support sent over to me, so I don’t think it’s a fraud-related account closure. Must be something else, but they won’t share. So not sure what happens if it bounces now.

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Was your account actually closed (with a formal email or letter notifying you of this) or are you simply locked out?

In the former case you would indeed need to get in touch with Monzo to figure out how to get that money back, in the latter case the account would technically still be open and the refund would land there, which you will be able to access once the issue is resolved and you can log back in.

I’m lucky to be in a position where I don’t URGENTLY need the money right now, but still $1086 is nothing to ignore. It’s a big amount nonetheless, and I’d hate if anyone else experienced this or the people that I’ve referred to Monzo, as they may not be as fortunate.

Monzo closed it, I received an email to say they had made the decision to close it after raising a dispute, that’s what the complaint is about - I have broken no t/c’s, I just raised a legitimate dispute against a PayPal transaction.


I’d say take this up to the Financial Ombudsman if your complaint isn’t resolved satisfactorily within the legally allowed timeframe.


What is the allowed timeframe? 8 weeks?

I haven’t heard back from the complaints lady since last Friday (20th) but assumed she may be on holiday with it being school holidays, but I’ve forwarded it to her so hopefully she’ll pick it up when she’s back. Unfortunately, it’s gotten to the point I want to tell my close family/friends about this situation and let them decide whether or not they’ll keep using Monzo.

I really don’t want them to have the same situation, it’ll reflect so bad on me, especially those who use it as their full bank. If they don’t have access to their money, it’ll mess their mortgages etc up. My direct debits all rejected as Monzo closed my account a day before, but I haven’t mentioned anything to them in hopes of it being resolved after the review.


Hi @ghost as @cookywook mentioned in your previous thread this issue can’t be resolved via the forum so you’ll need to continue using official support channels - and via the phone

I’ve also flagged up to get picked up on Monday or if anyone from Monzo is available over the weekend


The formula:

  • it always involves a lot of money £1,000+
  • their account is always locked without warning.
  • customer support can’t be reached or never get back to them.
  • they’ve personally recommended many others to Monzo and are now worried if that was the correct call, their reputation is at stake.
  • usually the situation is urgent, babies not being fed, great aunt Hilda needs that new heart tomorrow’s, etc.

I think they come on this community board somehow hoping Monzo will cave in because Monzo don’t want the bad publicity (all fake of course). Unfortunately for the fraudsters I think 99% folk on here can spot them a mile away (see above formula).

As I have said previously the problem is that if someone (potentially including this person) truly has an issue and comes to this board for help it all gets a bit cry wolf as we all start doubting everyone (I know I do).

I have transferred £000+ to my Monzo and spent £000+ requiring me to clear it first with Monzo and I have never once had any problems.

Monzo keep up the good work.


Funny guy, jumping to conclusions.

I’m sure Beth will confirm I’m a valid Monzo user and not a fraudster. I have been using Monzo since beta, I have no problem with Monzo at all, just this ending has been very annoying. I can prove I’ve sent emails with all proof to Kim @ Monzo Complaints outlining everything I’ve used Monzo for. None of it has been fraud, that I could bet you money on.


I’m not saying your issue isn’t genuine (read my post again). There was an article on strategies employed by fraudsters and unfortunately your situation ticks all the boxes.

As I mentioned, even if you are genuine it is almost impossible for community members to know. Sorry but I didn’t make it this way.

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In this case I would tend to believe it’s genuine though.

This is not the usual “account locked for fraud” complaint - in this case they have been advised the account has been closed already.

The question would be more about how do they process refunds for closed accounts in general.



If my account was closed for fraud, no CO would refund me money that was sent to my account, they’d hold it while it was being investigated, see proof below:

Secondly, why would I forward the emails to Kim/Tom if I was a fraudster… I’d surely just try and get my answer from this forum by provoking bad publicity. If I searched ‘Monzo’ on WhatsApp, I could show you the amount of people I’ve told to join, I’m sure it’s 30+ in total. This has been since pre-paid beta, I still have no idea why my account was closed (hence the complaint).



And again, my intentions isn’t to make Monzo out to look bad - but how would you react if after 3 days not a single person has gotten back to you over a large sum of money that is rightfully yours?

I have exhausted every option, this is my last hope. I even messaged the social media team and they carried on tweeting but haven’t responded… believe me, this was my absolute last option.

Mods - feel free to remove the photos above, as it contains emails etc. I’ll keep them up for now, I don’t want people to think so little of me…