Deposits returned to sender

I have had 2 deposits to my card returned to the sender this week. I have double and treble checked my account details given to payee and they are correct.Someone suggested it was because it is Mastercard and there are some issues with “certain” payees being able to pay to MasterCard. Anyone have idea advice or if there is an issue.

Is it just a straight forward bank transfer?
Is it in pounds sterling?
Is it a large amount?
Is your card frozen or anything? (don’t think it will be this)

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Are you Monzo UK or Monzo US?

Straight forward bank transfer. Pound Sterling, both deposits under £25. Card does not seem to be frozen. Taking payments in from me ok. :slight_smile:

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Monzo UK.

Okay well the fact it’s a MasterCard should have no impact on a bank transfer.

Which bank is the money being transferred from? And was there any error detailed?

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Both transfers were refunds from different retailers. No error detailed. The first I knew was when both retailer contacted me and told me my money had been returned to them and they have each credited my account with the money.

Ahh so it’s a refund.

Last questions… Did you use the switch service when you opened your Monzo account? And did you pay for your things using Google or Apple Pay?

Has the retailer tried to manually transfer you the funds instead of using their refund procedure?

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no to each.

I think you’ve now reached the extent of how much we can help on here. You’ll have to contact Monzo through chat in your app and they’ll be able to look at the specifics that we don’t have access to.

If you explain that it’s a refund for a transaction and point out which one I’m sure they’ll be able to resolve it for you :slight_smile:

Thank you all. Tried their telephone helpline and their in app chat. Held on for 20 minutes on each then cut off. Will try again. Card not frozen as I just transferred money out ok.

Telephone has never been a good way to get support as it is also the way that non-customers contact Monzo too. Their primary contact for Monzo customers where they focus the majority of their resources is in app chat.

Pop your message in there and you should get an estimated response time which will allow you to carry on with your day and you’ll get an alert when they respond.

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