Payment refund


I previously had a Monzo account where a payment from a site got sent to the details, however at the time the payment was sent the Monzo account was closed and had been for a while.

I was told a week ago it would come back to me but haven’t heard anything since can someone please advise?

You’ll need to email them I’m guessing to check on that seen as though your account is closed

This depends if Monzo reject or accept (and hold) the refund. I’m not sure exactly what their process is. Some banks accept it and some will reject it. It’s probably easier for Monzo to simply reject the refund.

If it’s rejected the merchant should inform you and then likely ask for new details. Your first step should be to contact the merchant and see if it has bounced back.

However, if you used the Current Account Switching Service out of Monzo it’ll find it’s way to your new account.

Might be worth contacting Monzo to check what will happen but I would think the refund will be refused and you’d need to go back to the original company.

The following may also offer some advice:

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