Fraud / disputes and specialist team

I’ve been waiting for a specialist to review my fraud dispute but I’m now getting radio silence.

I’m in financial hardship because of the fraud on my account.

What are the expected wait times, is there a way of contacting other than through the app?

Hi. Welcome.

You need to wait for them to conclude the investigation. There are no timelines or wait times. It depends on lots of factors.

You can email/call, neither of which are better than talking to them through the app and neither will expedite your case.


Thanks for your reply. I’m not getting a response through to app at all , appreciate they might be busy but wondering how long it takes for a reply

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For fraud cases, they are not allowed to give any updates while they investigate as it can be seen as “tipping off”, and this will result in Monzo being fined.

Best thing you can do is just wait for them to do what they need to do. They will come back to you once they have made a decision, however long that takes them.


When did you report it?

And was this with all the details via the reporting fraud/issues on a transaction? Or was it just via chat and “Hi, I’ve got a fraud problem”

What was the last message you received from Monzo?

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That it would be passed to a specialist and haven’t heard anything more since. It’s almost 2 thousand pounds and it’s left me with nothing so I’m quite urgently needing help - not sure what else I can do other than report via app and send follow up chats?

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We can try tagging @sheona on here, but staff don’t frequent the community and are limited to what they can discuss outside of the app.

Other than that, you can only keep sending messages I’m afraid, but I believe (as others have mentioned) they won’t share any update until they have concluded their investigation.


Hi @Sarahads sorry to hear about what’s happened. I’m afraid I no longer work on the operations side of things so wouldn’t be able to help here.

Depending on what’s happened, the time to investigate can vary, so I wouldn’t want to give you any false expectations. If you are struggling, financially or otherwise, please do ask our well-being team to reach out to help support you.

While we can’t speed things up (and not knowing any details about what happened) I do hope you won’t be waiting much longer for a resolution.


Thank you! I have also reached out to well being team but nothing as of yet. Not sure what else I can do here other than wait :(l

How do i reach out to the well being team i have had the same problem with f4aud and urgently need money

Contact Monzo in app and ask there :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t expect a response immediately. I have been scammed out of nearly £2000 and I have not had the specialists contact me yet or reimburse me. I’ve contacted chat support and let them know that my electricity will cut out in a matter of days and I won’t have access to their chat to get updates

I have claimed a dispute and received a refund without knowing the final outcome so What if monzo requests money back for the dispute and I do not have any money what will happen???

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Out of interest how long did it take for you to get your money back?
I’m still waiting for the “specialist team” to look into it

It would have been explained during the process, likely a temporary refund while they investigate until they make a final decision, and say to keep the money or let you know when they will take it back.

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The same day about 3 hours after I made the dispute

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Okay but what if I need to use the money and when they take it back I don’t have that money

You’ll go into arranged overdraft or unarranged overdraft

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They will let you know 14 days in advance, for you to plan or reply to let them know if they can take it sooner.

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