Recently i was scammed into paying a 1100 for a room
The trick was to let you view the room , sign and pay the contract few days before the moving date then disappear from the house
I have reported this to monzo and provided all the nnecessary proofs of screen conversations, the fake contract i was given and the bank transactions
It’s been 6 weeks and no one from monzo has eother contacted or updated me about it
It’s really sad to see this happening despite my calls and texts several times
I don’t know what to do to get them to reply
Can someone help me please

Has Monzo confirmed that they received your report and that they are looking into it? Have they provided a timeframe?

If they confirmed that they’re looking into it but didn’t give a timeframe or it hasn’t passed yet then it’s a case of sitting tight while they look into things. This can take quite a while as they need to talk to other bank(s) involved and possibly national organisations.

The best you can do to speed it up is raise a formal complaint, and someone may take a closer look🤞🏼

Monzo have some rather long queues at the minute in a few business areas which is slowing things down.


I have raised a formal complaint and all they replied was we are investigating this and we will let you know if there is any updates , it’s been 6 weeks now with the same reply

Go to the ombudsman if they have responded to your complaint with that.

Make sure you logged a formal complaint and not just made a grumble. Expressive say formal to them.

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They have recived my report they said they are looking into it , after 10 days ive raised a formal complaint and within 14 days they sent me an e-mail apologising for the delay and refering me to the ombudsman, now its 6 weeks and i haven’t recived neither an answer or a final response letter

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Hey @Med.amine35

Sorry that we haven’t been able to provide you with our final response yet, the email you should’ve got will have said something along the lines that we intend to still deliver our response but that it would be delayed. You also will have received details to refer this to the ombudsman which is your right if we cannot adhere to our complaints deadlines.

So sorry about this!


I did and included all the evidence u gave to monzo ,
The ombudsman asked if they have provided me qith a final response letter to act accordingly but monzo are still ignoring me

I have recived this letter 4 weeks ago and am still waiting for an answer

I’ve end up homeless once because of monzo negligence , thank god i had friends and family to help but now the same thing is going to happen again and i still didn’t recive an answer

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Monzo didn’t cause this, your scammer did, so please bear that in mind. Monzo didn’t press send on the money.

Monzo also aren’t under obligation to refund you, but there’s a possibility they might if there’s complexity. There’s no guarantees for these types of scams to get the money back.

Monzo will generally speak to the receiving bank and explain what happened and hope there is money left in that account, which there probably won’t be.

Speak to the financial ombudsman service if it’s been longer than 8 weeks in total since you logged your complaint, they may advise further.

Good luck.

Am I the only one who gets a whiff of fish here?? Can’t be specific and not intending to be rude or knock a chap when he’s down in what may be a stressful situation. But …. Hmmm ?:thinking:


I’ll take a shot at English not being their native language thus not coming across clear in responses.


They did caused it when they promessed me a refund attempt within 14 days that made me rely on their decision when they should of gave me a final response letter so i could of taken care of things and planned differently, it’s the negligence, delay and false hope from monzo that put me into this situation , and if you work form them then it’s best that you stay quite if you chose to go after me instead
I know they don’t have to refund me which is probably the case but they should made tgis decision long time ago so people know how monzo serve it’s customer’s

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Well let’s hope you get it sorted sooner rather than later.

All the best.

Thank you

What do you mean my friend

I feel for you but I think you’re rather unlucky if Monzo’s actions caused you to be homeless previously and now you’re in danger of being in that situation again. That said it’s been pointed out that English is not your first language and I may have misread;as I said in my post,no offence is intended.

Good luck

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Yes probably my bad !