Unauthorized Transactions

Just having a little moan here as it seem there is no one available on the app who’s answering me.

I noticed 2 transactions on my account yesterday that I didn’t make - i went on the app and told Monzo. I said it was urgent, and someone came back to me pretty sharpish.
Since then, it’s been a bit dry. My card was frozen, ( i had to order a new one). I was told someone would be in touch to ask some further questions. 14 hours later I had a message asking if I had recently moved house… I got a response back a further 2 hours later asking me why it’s taken me so long to report this (I’m not glued to my phone looking at transactions all day long) It’s been 7 hours since my last response and still nothing…
It seems like money going missing out of account is not very important to Monzo.
i use Monzo as for full banking, so now i’m without a card (which I had to re order my self) and no idea when it’s arriving and nothing further has been said about these transactions I don’t recognize. - Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences?

No experience of [Unauthorized Transactions] But Card usually arrives within 2 days normally

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Hey Rich,

Really sorry about this. This isn’t ideal and isn’t the turnaround we expect.

I’ve just pinged our disputes specialists. I know they do have a a bit of a backlog at the moment but they should be able to pick this back up pretty quickly for you.


I am a primary teacher and can regularly not view my phone for 5-7 hours per day due to my workplace rules. Monzo support needs to be aware that people can be away from their phones for long periods without checking them.



But the flip side is a ‘chat’ is usually fairly immediate and if you instigate one I think it’s fair to presume you have the time to respond and, if you haven’t after 2 hours, to be asked again? If I had my account locked, I’d find the time for sure!

I got the impression @ChorltonRich was asked why he hadn’t reported the unauthorised transactions quicker, not because he had replied to Monzo late.

I got a response back a further 2 hours later asking me why it’s taken me so long to report this (I’m not glued to my phone looking at transactions all day long)

If it was about replying to Monzo, if I message Monzo at 8.30am about fraud (about the last time I use my phone in the morning). I may not be able to reply until at least 12.30pm, and in most cases about 4.30pm as I work through most lunches.


Hey @gmclean I think you read my post wrong.
I was asked by Monzo why it’s taken me since the 2nd March to realise about the transaction.

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It’s a fair question then.

Hopefully they can still sort it out for you!

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Monzo are the ones taking their time to reply to me.
I fear this may be a long process.
They really need a option when chatting saying it’s urgent after every message or not. I get the feeling your initial contact can be classed as urgent but after that there is no way to see (from my side) if this is being treated as urgent. My last reply was 5 hours ago, still nothing back. It just seems like a lot of pointless questions, like : did you have notifications enabled? And then another long wait.
Not great service, (time
Wise in responding) especially when I’m disputing transactions.

By my maths, that’s nine days between the disputed transactions and your reporting them? I can understand the question being asked in that case. Granted, I know nothing of your circumstances (maybe you make 100s of transactions a day, maybe your phone ran out of battery before you looked and you lost all your notifications), but I would think that most people would notice within 24 hours if an app-based bank had apparently been misued.

Again, I don’t mean to cast anything against you, just saying I understand why the question was asked.


Hey @HoldenCarver good point.
Normally I’m on top of my transactions. I use Monzo as my main current account so as you can imagine there are lots of transactions taking place on a daily basis. It’s only because I noticed my balance lower than it should be that I then went through my transactions.