✅ Flex pay in 30

I would love to have the option to pay in 30 days on flex. The use case for me is when I have to order multiples of something knowing I’m going to be returning the others. It’s preferable to being out of pocket while awaiting returns/refunds. I know Klarna offer something similar but I would prefer my spending to all be in one place


I think this is now available in the latest update


Oh right haha, some how this complete passed me by. Thanks @Paulw


If you buy the items less than 14 days before your payment date, you’d skip the next payment too.

So if your payment date was 1st Dec, anything you buy now would have the first payment on 1st Jan.

That would sort of work for my specific use case I suppose but would be nice to have option to do this regardless of when the purchase was made.

No probs :slightly_smiling_face:

Seeing as this is in place now, would you like to see this topic closed?


If one uses Monzo for everything, and chooses to repay in 30 days on everything, on average it shouldn’t matter much that things are billed in between 15 and 45 days time. On average that is in 30 days. And likely for every cycle to have some refunds included too.

I don’t use pay in 30 for every purchase I make and nor would I want to.