Pay off extra to most recent installment

At the moment, you can only pay off extra on flex to the last installment. Can this please be changed to the most recent installement

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You mean you want to pay off an extra amount (that isn’t the total) but it’s taken from the next installment?

Put that bit in a pot, then set Flex to pay from the pot. Done!

Hi @Gracewalton96 & welcome :wave:

Some people can in fact pay off the next Flex installment (not the last one) - it seems to be a feature being tested. I found I could pay off the ‘next’ installment whereas other users couldn’t. Read more about it here:

(There is a possible solution by emailing Monzo shown in a post a few down from mine in the thread above)


I think this is still in testing as someone else mentioned, but I get this option. Seems really sensible, so hopefully it’ll roll out soon.


Ah yeah I do that but ya know just would be easier to pay at the time if you wanted to!

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Good it’s being tested! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Amazing thank you!

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