Flex - additional repayments


I use Monzo flex as a credit card.

I find it irritating that the monthly payment is only for transactions half way into the month.

It means that for my personal month end finances, I have to manually click through all the additional flex payments I’d like to settle in the month, which would otherwise be deferred to the next flex cycle.

It would be good if either:

  1. It’s possible to set the flex cut off period : I.e shortening the minimum period between a payment and the full month end repayment date.


  1. Being able to multi-select additional repayments in Monzo flex. Paying off batches of flex payments early in one go.

This second option would be much more flexible and probably makes more sense in the way I have written.



Most credit cards have a cut off, usually a week to 10 days or so before debit due.

Does flex work on the date you first got it. Because with HSBC that’s how it works, so mine is set to the 20th of the month for this reason.

This might also be something useful.