Ability to choose a default payment timeframe when using Monzo Flex Card

Each time you pay with a Monzo Flex card you have to choose the timeframe you’d want to pay it back by. Which is great, however couldn’t there also be a feature to optionally set a default timeframe to payback a transaction each time you pay using the card? Say I set the timeframe to pay every transaction back by the next month (interest free). I then wouldn’t have to go into the app and choose a timeframe each time I use the card.

They’re working on it:

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Already live for some customers.

Pay in full next payday or pay over longest period.

No option to rinse 3 month interest free it’s either the above or keep it at choose your own every time.


I’ve got it :raised_back_of_hand:

Downside as mentioned is you can’t default to the free 3 month option.

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