Introducing Monzo Flex – a better way to pay later 🚀

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Compared statements and I don’t see flex specific PDF statement.

Whereas NatWest BNPL credit card has pdf statements from day one, and it clearly has a table of when transaction was made, how much of it is paid off, how much to still pay off, what the installment amount is and when. Very concise yet clear and informative. Really nicely done.


I am using flex virtual card. First instalment is now delayed until payment date. Previously one had to have 1/12th of the amount in the current account for transaction to go through. Is this still the case, or can the Monzo current account be zero now when doing flex virtual card transactions? As in, like a normal regular credit card.

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Does your first instalment show due another date bar today? If so, then yes it’s live for you.

Edit: to add. It doesn’t do the check any more (certainly hasn’t for me) to see if I have 1/12th of the value before processing payments.

Provided you’re within your limit for Flex you will be fine.


Hey folks :wave:

We have another new Flex feature for you :tada:

We’ve heard from lots of Flex users that you don’t always need to spread the cost of a purchase over monthly instalments when paying later. Sometimes you just want to delay paying for a while.

So we’ve added a new option when you choose a plan - you can now pay in full on your next monthly payment date.

As always, if you’re within 14 days of your next payment date it’ll skip to the following month. And you can always change your mind and spread the cost over 3, 6 or 12 months any time before your payment date.

:information_source: If eligible, it’s interest free to pay in full on your next monthly payment date or over 3 instalments. You can also pay over 6 or 12 instalments at 24% APR representative (variable). Monzo Flex is credit for 18+ year olds. Ts&Cs apply. Representative example: 24% APR representative (variable). £1200 credit limit. 24% yearly interest (variable).

We’re launching to a small group today

We’ll be rolling the feature out to a small group of customers this week. As with changing when we take the first instalment, we’ll be running this as a test before we roll it out to all customers.

But we know you like new things… so we’d like to invite you to join the test if you want.

Send me a DM with the email address linked to your Monzo account by Midday Friday 18 November, and we’ll include you in the test group.

We won’t be able to add anyone after that - it takes a fair amount of engineering resource to manually activate these features and we need to make sure we’re not distracting them from building the next features.

:warning: Make sure you’re using the latest version of the app to see the option to pay in full.


That’s awesome, this is edging closer and closer to being a standard credit card (which I like due to how I tend to manage my money).

Are you by any chance planning to include an option to set this as the default mode in the future?


Great addition.

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As above. The ability to just choose a default mode would be great!


See my post above :slight_smile:


Love this!

So anything I buy now, I won’t have to pay for until 23rd Jan. But can easily do it in a one.



Surely December? As you’d be skipping November if purchased now?

Maybe I missed something :sweat_smile:


I can’t count :upside_down_face:


Maybe credit isn’t for you then? :melting_face:


I understand that there are spreadsheets that can do that for you :eyes:


The two 6 month interest free offers. I had used one but the merchant cancelled the order and gave a full refund. But this still counted as I had used the offer.

So I asked chat if I could get it back and they said no, I said it doesn’t mention that in the Ts&Cs, but no worries. And they raised a complaint so we’ll see what happens. I’m not particularly bothered but it should be made clearer if that is the case.

The chat replies were pretty much instant too, no waiting. So good service on that front.


So I’ve thought long and hard about Flex. I think it’s trying to be two things, which actually have different needs:

  1. It’s a credit card (kinda). That’s the virtual card.
  2. It’s a Buy-Now-Pay-Later product. That’s taking payments from either the credit or debit cards and selecting a plan (pay in three or more).

Why I think that matters is because conflating them in the app leads to two issues:

  • Nowhere can I see a list of transactions I’ve made with my credit card (the Flex virtual card), and only that card, in one place. I can’t get a statement, export them or otherwise manage that side of things.
  • I’m forced into one mental model for categorising Flex payments and how they appear in Trends. For example, in this linked post, I was saying that I want to have Flexed transactions recognised in Trends at the time they are made. About half of folk agreed with me, but on reflection I think I only want that behaviour for transactions Flexed from the debit card. I think that if I make a purchase using the credit card and choose to pay back over time, I kinda want to recognise the transactions in Trends as I pay it back.

While I love the new flexibility to be able to pay off a Flex transaction in full at the next payment date (thank you @TomMills), as @dinosm points out, we’re very close to being a credit card now. So not having a feed and/or statement for that feels a bit odd.

And, if downstream we ever get the ability to Flex non-Monzo transactions, I really think we’d need to sort of the conflation of these two things.

So what would I do? Simples:

  • Have one place in the app for a ‘credit card’ - that’s a dedicated feed for transactions made using the Flex credit card. But maybe give it a different name?
  • Then, separately, have a different place for buy-now-pay-later transactions. And treat BNPL transactions on the credit card the same as they are on the debit one.

I suspect a lot of folk will be like ‘whoah’ - and I suspect this sounds more complicated than it actually is - but I’m all about simplicity. And I think the app is currently conflating two things.


Is active/paid off not what you’re looking for?

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Think they meant transactions in 3 parts:

General spends which run as the usual credit card style purchases
Flex purchases