How does Monzo Flex actually work?


I was approved for Flex! However, how does the buy now pay later service actually work?

Does it take money out the current account each month or does that only happen when I flex an item? If I haven’t flexed anyrhing, is any money taken out my account?

You buy now, you pay later… via chosen installments. Pay it off in 3 payments (1 per month for the next 3 months) and you won’t pay interest. Longer repayment timescales may introduce interest.

You pay from the current account initially, but then if Flex’ed, the payment is credited to your personal account and then debited from your Flex account - to then pay back as per the agreed Flex/credit terms.


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Thank you for clarifying :blush:


Unless you use the flex virtual (or physical) card :wink:

Which I recommend for anything costing over £100 for S75 cover.


I’ve got a £250 limit, so I may use it for a display monitor upgrade. I csn flex that.

Okay I knew about buy or pay later because I used to use Klarna, but they are likely going to go bust at some point they lost over $1M USD last year.



I do really like the idea of Monzo Flex, plus there’s a physical card in testing too.

I’m planning to buy a new PC monitor for gaming on a Series S, and hopefully a PS5 at some point.

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Flex can be used for pretty much anything. Heres a list of things you cant use it on

As with any form of lending, just make sure you can comfortably afford the repayments.


I’m gonna give myself a limit

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