Flex cut off dates

I have my flex account set to pay in full for each transaction on 1st of each month. All payments made before today are due to be paid on 1st February (which is fine) but a transaction today now has a payment date of 1st March.

I thought all payment made up until the payment due date would fall for payment on 1st Feb? Is this not the case?

I want to be able to charge things to the Flex card account during a month and then pay it all off in full on the 1st and start again etc. Should I be moving the ‘due date’ so that this is possible?

Hope this makes sense?

:point_up: This is how it works. You can make a payment early if you wish to pay off the things within that 14 day period, it’s just they won’t be automatically collected at the next pay

Thanks @michaelw90. So on that basis if I set the payment date to 15th of each month the ‘Charging’ period would then fall roughly 1st to 1st each month?

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Yep, roughly so! :smiley:

Perfect! Thank you @michaelw90

I’d never thought of this, but I quite like this idea.

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This is what I thought and would prefer. I’ve always had a credit card go 1st to 1st (approx) and pay off in full.

If you would still prefer to pay off in full on the 1st, you could do that manually on the 1st, or move the funds to a pot so that’s it’s seperated away from spends, and tell Flex to pay from the pot.

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