Features come features go (monzo.me appears not to offer Apple/Google Pay any more

Out of interest, are you able and/or allowed to say how often such chances come around?

The long term benefits of the new FPS connection far outweigh the short term hit on monzo.me (and I am sure that I am not alone in having my browser populate card details from Google anyway), but would be interesting to know just how up against you are timewise

I know all too well from work what it is like to have a fixed end date or window to hit while often seeing the start date drift, so understand the laser focus!


Thank you for the update on this. It’s good you’re so open about decisions you’ve had to make in the background.

This really is a great feature and I do hope you have time to develop this soon. It’s so much easier for people to pay me this way rather than entering details etc.

I am just wondering whether you’ve actually scheduled it to start in early November for you to start working on this? Hopefully it won’t take too long to re-implement!

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It’s highly dependent on how many other participants are also making changes. In this case we’d not get another window until early next year.

Right now our new gateway has passed certification and we’ve run successful migration rehearsals in a test environment with all parties involved, so things are looking good! The only thing that could stop us is brexit…

(Really - the Bank of England have said they might enforce a change freeze for FPS and other schemes immediately following a no-deal brexit.)

No - it’s on our backlog to be prioritised afterwards. I think it’s likely that we’ll spend a couple of weeks on post-migration tidy-up tasks first. Hopefully that’ll only be enough work for a couple of people, freeing up others to work on other things.


Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:


Hooray! Well done! :tada:


Thank you for the reply! It sounds like a lot of work, at least you’re working on it and understand how important of a feature this is. Keep up the great work!

Looking forward to this being back in the New Year then.

Great to see progress is being made but is there any update to the timeline on reinstating this?

As a student who splits bills regularly it was an incredibly useful feature and can’t wait to see it up and running again!


@nickrw Hey as it’s the new year now I thought I’d ask if there’s any update on the time frame for this feature to be re-instated? As said previously by others, this is an incredibly important feature which is very easy for friends/family to pay you. It’s also what makes Monzo different.

When will this be reinstated? Thank you.


@nickrw We’re mid-March, do you have any update? Thanks


@nickrw I’m also interested… Any news on whether reinstating Apple Pay for Monzo.me will still happen? (Obviously, pending stuff picking up post-Coronavirus)


I’d be curious too!

I hadn’t realised that it had gone until I suggest somebody use it because “it’s faster than a transfer if you’ve got Apple Pay” and then realised it wasn’t :stuck_out_tongue:

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