Features come features go (monzo.me appears not to offer Apple/Google Pay any more

Not wanting to sound like a grumpy git but I used the google and Apple Pay function through Monzo.me to receive payments but have just noticed the feature has gone.

I get the urge to add new features but please can we have a bit of stability as well. This is my bank account after all…

I didn’t realise this had gone. Have you hit the monzo.me limit?

Just to add to what @Codf has said, there are limits for monzo.me payments.

A maximum of £100 per transaction (for Apple/Google Pay)
A maximum inbound of £1,000 per month

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I know about the limits. The actual option to pay with Apple and google pay has gone.


In that case I would imagine it’s due to cost.

Where do I find my Monzo.me Username in the new App layout please?

Payments - Request - Share a link

Or Help - Monzo.me

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Yeah I just read the following:

If you want to get money through Monzo.me

If you’ve already got a Monzo account, go to your Payments tab then tap Request to find your Monzo.me link.

My point stands. They added it and then removed it. Might just be me who wants a bit of stability security with my money


I’ve just checked my link and he’s right, the option to pay with Google or Apple pay has disappeared. Not good, it made it much quicker for people.
This also wasn’t communicated out at all, just a sneaky little change.


Maybe it’s a bug and it’s not meant to be gone?


Very good point :slight_smile: hopefully that’s the case

If it’s costing too much money for monzo to run then I don’t blame them for removing it. However, it should have been communicated with customers. I think all card payments cost to receive, which was why the ‘topup by card’ was removed, but they kept the monzo.me system.

Hopefully we get so confirmation as to what has happened here soon :crossed_fingers:


Well if they have removed the Apple/google Pay functionality they should up the limit of how much you can recieve. £100 just doesn’t cut it.

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Not sure I see a link between the two. It’s not like phone-pay costs any more than card payments so if it’s been restricted to ‘card only’ for cost reasons, the last thing that will then happen is increasing the costs by increasing the limits. What am I missing?

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That was based on the understanding that apple/google pay takes a cut for using their service on top of standard transaction fees. I may be wrong on that though.

A friend highlighted this to me yesterday evening, it would be worth know if this was an intentional change or something that change with Stripe?

Nice point! I can’t believe I’d never considered that! Thanks.

I’m still not sure they’d get enough on a £100 transaction to meaningfully affect the limits though.

It’s not happening any time soon. They’ve talked about the limit briefly in another thread.

It would be good to know why the google Apple Pay options were removed without telling anyone.

To be fair the monzo.me feature seems to have been deliberately crippled, I’ve been told multiple times (not by staff) that I should just use a bank transfer instead.

Issue: Monzo.me links only give the option to type in card details, the Apple Pay/ google Pay button is gone

Details to reproduce: go to monzo.me/(whatever your url name is)
OS: Safari
Device: computer and mobile phone
App Version: n/a