Direct debit screen feedback

I just tapped on a direct debit expecting a screen with details (total paid, average payment etc). Instead I got a confirmation popup for cancelling it.

The popup is very clear. So I don’t see it as a problem, it’s just that it doesn’t match the rest of the UI.

Anyone else have an opinion? Or know what plans Monzo have for the future?


I would expect the same as you did

Which app are you in?

This stuff is still quite basic until the ‘migration’ is over and people are free to get onto feature enhancement rather than than development of the basics (as I understand it). I assume the new app is the same as the preview in that regard.

I had collected all the feedback and suggestions here

Some really good ideas there.

please merge if appropriate

Current account preview. I assumed it would change in the future. It’s not a complaint, just a bit of feedback.

It had better change in the future!!!

The preview was always a minimalist implementation, just enough to be useable. Hopefully it’s going to grow hugely once the hump of the migration to Current Accounts is over.


The main discussion on this topic is here: