Direct Debit and pots feature

Just a small thing really but I use the pots to put money in for bills manually and have the direct debit coming from the pots really good feature but I’m always conscious and going through my payments making sure they have all come out to see if anything is left over or if I have not transferred enough into the pot.

it would be good if based on the direct debit amounts, it auto suggested the amount you should transfer to the pot and also have some sort of tick or colour code on the direct debit section for which ones have been paid already and one yet to be take.

The fail safe of if their is not enough in the pot they take it from your main account helps and probably saves on designing and building the need for that

Fair enough, I’m still always check to see what direct debits have been take not to actually make sure I have enough money in general so some form of colour code on the direct debit screen or check list on ones already collected. It’s not a deal breaker I’m still a monzo fan

This is already enabled, I have one pot for all DD & SO, my billing month starts from 1st to last day of month, when I go into the pot it tells me how mouch I need in that pot for the month and reduces after every payment out, it states “Left to Pay” I am on iOS works on live and TestFlight version.

Only issue is with DD’s than can be variable like Credit cards & phone bills etc

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I know I use pots my self but they could just suggest based on last month amounts but a check list would be nice so you k so what’s still to come out

Have you had a look in summary to see what the committed spend total for your budgeting period is?

I tend to go off that.