My thoughts on Direct Debits

I recently switched all of my payments and salary over to Monzo (although my first salary payment will not hit my account until the end of May as I was too late to change it for April). I haven’t closed my previous account however as I want to keep the travel and phone insurance that I get with it. My Direct Debits didn’t switch over seamlessly, in fact I’m still waiting for some DD’s to leave my account that would have already left my legacy account by this time. One of my payees hadn’t actually received my new bank account details when I switched, so were in the process of writing to me to request new details.

Anyway, here are a few improvements I would like to see made to DD’s:

  1. The last payment amount should be shown next to each DD in the Scheduled Payments section of the app, so we at least have a rough idea of how much is being charged each month

  2. I would like to be able to add a note to a DD like I can with other payments, so my O2 DD could be renamed “Phone contract” for example

  3. In the Summary tab, it would be nice for all DD’s to be displayed in the Committed Spending section, and then perhaps be greyed out once they have actually been taken

I’m sure there are other improvements I’ve thought of over the past couple of weeks of being #FullMonzo, if any more come back to me I will be sure to add them to this thread.


I agree with all of these.

I’ve loved Monzo so far and have now moved everything from my old account pending closure next month.

But I am confused to see how the Direct Debit information has no space to include a date it’ll be taken or the most recent payment amount.


Yeah, DD info seems to be very basic at the moment. I’m hoping they improve this in future updates! :crossed_fingers:

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I agree with you as well…

Regarding point 3. This is coming to Spending Soon :slight_smile: they are working on it as we speak :slight_smile: