Feature parity between iPhone and Android

(Tim Banting) #1

I understand there are not the same features available in the Monzo app on Android as there is on iPhone. Can anyone tell me what Android features are missing? Worth finding out as its nearly phone replacement time!

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(Simmy) #2

Interested to know this too.
I use iPhone and would like to know which features are missing.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

If everything goes to plan then within the next couple of months the answer will be none :tada:

screenshot from this blog post


Only thing missing from that list is the better filtered search on iPhone.


Fingerprint to transfer and filtered search are the things left I think. Oh and the sneak peaks/road map in the help section.

(Bradley) #6

Yes, iOS search filtering is actually quite handy. I wonder whether this is in the pipeline for Android.


How does this fit in with the IOS/Android App parity complaints?
Can we put them to bed now that Android is getting features first? I say now, it’s not the first time.

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The most important difference for me is enhanced search and until that’s sorted on Android I don’t think we can put this to bed.

Monzo developers know this and this is why it’s parity is part of big list.

(Jolin) #9

This is all subjective, though. The lack of being able to add notes to incoming payments on iOS is actually a big hinderance for me, and we don’t even have an indication as to whether that will ever be addressed. I think at this point, the apps are roughly equal but there are some differences. I agree that it would be good to have full feature parity, though, but I don’t think we can say one app is ‘ahead’ of the other.

(Louis Otto) #10

Sorry dude but if one platform is getting stuff ahead of the other (regardless of which platform that is), that isn’t parity.
If one platform has features that the other doesn’t, that isn’t parity.

We can’t put these complaints/acknowledgments to bed until there genuinely is parity. You can just accept that the team at Monzo is working hard to reduce the gap over time.

(Jolin) #11

Have you read the blog post on Monzo’s app development process? Android and iOS are released on different schedules, so it would be impossible for them to have the same features released at the exact same time. ‘Parity’ means that each platform supports the same features at roughly the same time. A few days or even a couple of weeks is close enough. If one is waiting months for a feature, that’s a different story.

(Chris Rimell) #12

I don’t usually wade in but I’m sure there is another thread elsewhere talking about parity. Can we stick on topic maybe… :wink:

(Richard Cook) #13

Agreed! Moved the above (talking about recurring payments into Pots) to this thread.